Midterm Horoscopes

Courtesy Sheena Macmillan

Midterm Horoscopes 

Cancer: Congrats on surviving midterms! How many all-nighters did you pull because you were too busy crying about how much work you had to do?

Leo: If you feel confident about your midterms, I’m sure you can continue lying to yourself until you receive your grades 😊 

Sagittarius: Partying the night before a midterm is actually known as self-handicapping in psychology. It means you knew you’d fail regardless of what you did, but you wanted a convenient excuse, so you’ll blame the tequila.

Taurus: I hope you had multiple alarms set and didn’t sleep through any midterm…or did you fall asleep during your exam? 

Gemini: I know you’d probably rather watch TikTok videos than study, but maybe consider completing at least some of your readings by the final. Unless you want your GPA to suffer.

Pisces: Being the teacher’s pet won’t get you bonuses in uni, I’m not sure why you’re even trying? 

Libra: The type to never study and still get straight A’s.  

Scorpio: I’m sure finals will go better for you. You just have to maintain hope and maybe study a little.

Aquarius: Are you really surprised that you got that one question you answered creatively wrong? Creative isn’t better when the answer is straightforward.

Virgo: Everyone thinks you’re the angel of the zodiac, but I bet you’ve managed to sneak in some notes during at least one midterm. 

Aries: Who would win in a stubborn match: an Aries or a strict grader who never ever ever changes a student’s grade? Probably an Aries.

Capricorn: I’m sorry you didn’t survive midterms. My condolences, but one of the signs had to be the scapegoat.