Marching on Washington, in Photos

A Look at the Women’s March on Jan. 21

Photo Carl Bindman
Marchers taking the metro faced waits of up to an hour just to get on. Photo Carl Bindman
Photo Carl Bindman
After listening to speeches and music, marchers crossed the Washington Mall to Constitution Ave. Photo Carl Bindman

Around the world, millions of women in hundreds of marches took to the streets to stand up for their rights on Jan. 21.

These marches revolved around a central march in Washington, D.C., where an estimated 650,000 people filled the city a day a er Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration—some of the 3.3 million people across the U.S. who participated.

These are scenes from that day in Washington.

Tara and Mia Garz handed out free treats and encouragement to marchers getting on the metro. “It’s the last free thing you’ll have in the next four years!” Tara said to passersby. Photo Carl Bindman

On Pennsylvania Ave., marchers climbed to whatever vantage points were available.