Link Lovin’

To The Link editorial board, and Concordia as a whole: I have two things I need to write about.

The first is that several issues ago, The Link published a letter from Bruno Joyal, fishing for a date (“Looking for Love,” Vol. 32, Iss. 22). Stunningly, he apparently got six or seven responses. Seeing as how I’m chronically and tragically single, I will now attempt the same.
Look, I’m awesome.

If you’ve read The Link all year, you’ve probably had a chance to see how awesome. So there’s that. I want someone equally awesome. That’s my only qualification. I can best be reached over the Facebooks.

On a completely different note, I just want to say what an honour it was to be the Current Affairs Editor of The Link this year. I am incredibly proud of all the people I had the pleasure of working with, and won’t single out any, except for our former Editor- in-Chief, Laura Beeston, who
busted her ass for every single issue.

I spent many sleepless nights with the good people at this newspaper, ate many fast-food meals because we can’t afford better, and who has the time anyway? I also got to drink many beers, have many arguments, resolve those arguments, and generally have the time of my life.

Thanks all of you, and to the new masthead, good luck. Be bold, be tough, and don’t take any shit from anyone.

—Adam Kovac,
Former Current Affairs Editor

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