John Molson Group Raises Over $1,100 for Children’s Charities

Upcoming Competition Prompts Fundraiser for Big Brothers, Big Sisters

  • The John Molson Case Competition Committee held a dance-a-thon fundraiser on Thursday. Photo Brandon Johnston

Looking to prepare for an upcoming international business competition in Guelph, the John Molson Case Competition Committee staged a four-hour dance-a-thon fundraiser Thursday in front of Concordia’s GM building.

But the money wasn’t for their trip—it was for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Montreal.

“Our goal was to raise $700 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and we surpassed it! We were able to raise $1,146.91 on the street alone, for a total of $1,276.07,” event coordinator Chelsea Paquette told The Link.

Case competitions like the one taking place in Guelph in January are utilized by business schools to engage student teams in “what if” scenarios out of the real world.

One of the components for the 2014 JDC Central competition is philanthropy, which prompted the fundraiser, Paquette explained.

“We plan to volunteer 1,400 hours over four months and raise as much money as we can, and hopefully altogether it should come to $24,000 worth of work,” she said.

She added the charity work has had less tangible benefits as well.

“You’re humble, you know, and that’s so important because sometimes we get too full of ourselves,” she said.

“It brings you back down and helps something outside of what you’re [used to.]”

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