JMSB/CSU Connection

I’ve been a part of Concordia for quite a few years; I’m working on my second degree. Since I’ve been studying at JMSB there hasn’t been communication or a good relationship between the CSU and JMSB.

It seems that students are all really busy working on group projects, studying hard to get better grades or networking to make all the right connections for the future.

I do encourage you all to get informed and to go out and vote in the upcoming CSU election. This is the only way that we can strengthen the JMSB-CSU connection and to get the CSU to work together and to provide more services for business students.

I’d like to tell to you about one of our peers. His name is Morgan Todd and he is part of the solution to get JMSB concerns voiced. Morgan is running as a JMSB Councillor with the slate Your Concordia.

We recently met in my Entrepreneurship class and we are working on a group project together. His friendly personality, incredible charm and his passion to get people involved has encouraged students to get involved and to make their own choices. He has educated me on the importance of voting and how the CSU works, and I will be voting for the first time this year.

I overheard Morgan talking to a student in our class and when asked who the better team was, he responded, “I can’t tell you that, though I would check out, and to check out both parties and make the decision for yourself.”

I thought the response was perfect; finally there is a team promoting free thought and listening to students’ needs. I fully support the Your Concordia team and I hope to see you at the polls on March 29, 30 or 31.

—Tarina Chopra,

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.