It’s a Halloween Paw-ty!

A Dose of Much Needed Serotonin

Zoey proudly showed off her hot dog costume. Photo Olivia Integlia.
This team of warriors stopped at nothing to grab everyone’s attention in a chokehold. Photo Olivia Integlia.
Despite being camera shy, Hannah the Banana rocked her fit. Photo Olivia Integlia.
Yoshi’s costume was subtle but equally adorable. Despite being a devil, he was well-behaved and very calm throughout the entire event. Photo Olivia Integlia.
Two sets of fangs? You better watch out! This dino is rocking his fit. Photo Olivia Integlia.
This black cat is far from being scary. The mother of all ladybugs, Zola! Photo Alexandra Staples.
Here comes Klaus in a long red and black cape, ready to wreak havoc. Photo Olivia Integlia.

Each Halloween, children dress up, everyone goes trick-o-treating and houses get lit up by grinning pumpkins. In all this hub-ub, it’s easy to forget about the real stars of the show—the pets.

For those lucky enough to have a pet that can tolerate being in a costume for more than five minutes, Halloween is the time to shine. From hot-dog outfits to ghouls to pro-wrestlers, the possibilities are endless. 

On Oct. 29, the Healthybud, Pawsome Club MTL and Corgi Pawty MTL organized their second annual dog costume contest at Sir Wilfrid Dog Park. Dogs of various breeds and sizes gathered in unique costumes, and ran around as their owners chatted. 

Here are the best photos from the day.