Heard in the Hall

What’s a Stinger?

Have you ever been to a Concordia Stingers game? If not, what do you think could be done to make you more interested in supporting the university’s sports teams?

  • “No. Never. If it is football, normally Chinese people don’t know football very well. We don’t even know the rules […] Maybe we could go there as a group, maybe it could be more fun.

    [Maybe the Chinese Student Association could] make a rugby or football fan team
    [Otherwise] we go there alone and we don’t even know the rules, we don’t know what to talk about. So, this game just seems not interesting for us.”

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  • “No—but, I am going for the first time on the 24th. I have lots of friends that are going, so I’m going too. I [follow the Stingers] on Twitter.

    Sometimes, if you don’t know anyone at Concordia […] maybe you’d want to go [to the games] and meet some people. If it was possible to organize something for people who want to socialize and to meet the players, that would be good!”

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  • “No. Never. [They should give fans the opportunity] to meet the team.
    I think what makes me go to sports games is when you know the people who play there—because I go to [Université de Montréal] games, I have a friend who plays for their soccer team and I support the UdeM team.”

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  • “No, I haven’t been. First of all, I have never been informed about any games or any other events for Concordia teams. I have never seen or found any poster in the buildings, either here [downtown] or at the Loyola campus.

    From my experience and in my country—I am from Greece—during the game, you are not speaking.  You are focusing on the game […] But very often in Greece, before a game, friends gather in bars or restaurants and eat together and discuss and then they go together to the game […]

    It would be nice of [the Stingers] to organize sports clubs for the fans […] I think it would be good to have a club to organize and arrange events […] In my opinion during a game, you can gather. It is a social event. [The Stingers sports game are] more like, strictly a game.” 

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