Harper Mutiny

QPIRG Discusses Stephen Harper and Organized Resistance

Photo Adam Kovac
Photo Prime Minister’s Office

Stephen Harper was the topic of discussion and subject of ridicule at an event entitled Harper Mutiny, a part of QPIRG’s Disorientation.

“I think it was a success. The important thing is that we are having these discussions, and we are including students in the discussion,” said co-organizer Rushdia Mehreen. Approximately 40 students attended the event.

As one organizer impersonated Harper, participants discussed what was stated in the press release as the “coming years of austerity, cutbacks and regressive social policies.”

Groups like Anarchist Tech Support, the Concordia Student Union and Free Education Montreal were on hand to explain how their agendas conflict with Harper’s.

The next Harper Mutiny meeting is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 1.