Graphic Artist of the Month: Breea Kobernick

Breea Kobernick

Often provocative, definitely edgy, and meant to invoke feeling, Breea Kobernick’s artwork is constantly evolving.

At first glance one would characterize her artwork as humorous, but after closer study, it reveals cleverness with whiffs of weird surrealism.

A look at Kobernick’s Instagram page @designboiiiii showcases her hate of bad hygiene: getting soaked by a stranger’s sneeze, or a cotton swab’s last thought before being plunged in an ear. Other works provoke exaggerated, satirized thoughts on the danger of eating sugary foods—licking a popsicle cactus—and the fear of going to a new hair stylist, or what happens when your only friend isn’t into exercise. She hopes that people can relate on some level to the experiences she creates.

A second year design major, Kobernick started at Concordia in environmental geography. Intrigued by friends who were in the design program, she later made the decision to switch her focus to design. Rather than concentrate on one particular medium, Kobernick is currently exploring the many courses Concordia has to offer such as web design, wood working and 3D printing.

A native of both Washington, D.C. and Quebec, Breea grew up playing ice hockey, skiing, and washing her hands frequently.