Gender Advocacy Boot Camp

2110 Establishes a Safe Environment for Transgendered Discussion

An especially lively and inviting atmosphere set the tone for Trans 101, a lecture from the Peer Support and Advocacy training program from the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy on Oct. 20.

The energy being generated by those present was inspiring, and it manifested itself as a show of genuine interest in personal understanding and how to help others.

PSA coordinator Gabrielle Bouchard and Concordia graduate student Fabien Rose established a comfortable discussion during the lecture, defining terms related to gender identity and trans people.

They created an atmosphere open for comments, questions or anecdotes that would help both the trainers and public attendants to better understand sensitive issues or potentially offensive situations.

This year, the Centre attracted 25 volunteers, an impressive increase from the 10 or so volunteers of previous events.

The training program includes both lectures and training sessions offered by Bouchard, and allows participants that graduate from the program to become volunteers for the Centre.

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