Ending the Global Water Crisis

Oscar-winning Director’s Last Call at the Oasis Comes to Cinema Politica

Still from Last Call at the Oasis, screening Monday at Cinema Politica.

Who knew recycling waste and sewage water for drinking is environmentally sound and inexpensive? From the same company that produced Food Inc. and An Inconvenient Truth, comes the documentary Last Call at the Oasis, screening on March 18 at Cinema Politica Concordia.

The screening was chosen to coincide with Bottled Water Free Day and just a few days ahead of World Water Day on March 22. The film features Erin Brokovich, a prominent environmental activist, as well as renowned experts Peter Gleick, Jay Famiglietti, Robert Glennon and Alex Prud’homme.

“[Director] Jessica Yu’s aesthetic prowess surveys the state of water in various parts of the world,” said Ezra Winton, programmer for CP. “[The film] touches on consumption, commodification, pollution, scarcity and other key issues around this hot-button resource issue.”

Magnificently filmed, this documentary is a cinematic viewing pleasure and the music features powerful track choices. The accompanying music album offers song choices that are complimentary to the doc’s themes. Fast and rhythmic acoustic guitar numbers by Gabriella Y Rodrigo and John Butler compliment the urgency of the global water crisis, while Lisa Hannigan and Lindsay Fuller’s serene voice overs further the lament over the defects of the current water system.

“We are working together to screen several documentaries about water issues across our network in Canada with the aim of banning bottled water on campuses and in communities, as well as raising general awareness,” added Winton.

The screening is in collaboration with Back the Tap Water Coalition.

Cinama Politica presents Last Call at the Oasis by Jessica Yu in the Hall building (H-110) / Mar. 18 at 7 p.m. / Suggested donation $2 to $5