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Concordia Art Students Open Their Classroom Doors and Invite You In

On Feb. 8, Concordia students took to the streets to sprinkle some public art installations around our campus. The Link was there to catch some of the magic. Photo Pierre Chauvin
Photo Pierre Chauvin
Photo Pierre Chauvin
Photo Pierre Chauvin

Concordia’s Studio Arts Master’s of Fine Arts students are opening their doors to the public this week and inviting you to come in and experience their ongoing and finished artworks.

This two-day showcase will give fine arts students an opportunity to introduce themselves as a new generation of artists in Montreal’s artistic sphere.

This year’s event differs from previous years in its interactive nature.

“What we do is organize an exhibition every year. This year we decided to do it differently and to organize the event so that artists can come in and talk about their work,” said Jin Kim, one of the seven organizers of the event.

The concept for the MFA Open Studio event is to gather artists from the seven existing departments—sculpture, photography, drawing and painting, open media, print making and film—and to expose their works not only to students, but also to Montreal art aficionados.

“As MFA students we want spaces in order to put up our work, so this is simply an opportunity for the public to come and take a look at the ongoing work we have,” said Kim, a first year photography student. “We want this to be a city event.”

Viewers will be free to explore a diverse array of visual arts that will range from performances to film screenings and a vernissage. Artists will be present and open to discussing their works with the public.

“It is a good opportunity for the students to interact with other artists as well,” said Kim. “We are sending e-mails to artists and putting up posters in order to promote this event outside the Concordia campus.”

In addition to the exhibit, students will be able to sell their work to the public. “Right now we are collecting small artwork from students and faculty members in the MFA Program,” said Kim.

The organizers are also planning to sell raffle tickets where the prizes will be student art.

“If you are chosen, you get to choose which artwork you want to take. It will not be bidding-based, but it will be interactive,” she said.

It is the first time that students get the chance to receive monetary compensation for their creations in an academic exposition.

“Inside the fine arts department, a lot of students are not aware of what other students are doing in terms of artwork, so this event is going to give them some exposure” she said.

“As underground artists we are not only hoping to get recognition within the school, but also to get contacts within the Montreal art community,” said Kim.

“This is our chance to make it.”

MFA Open Studio / Feb. 11 and 12 / In the EV, VA and JA buildings / 5 to 10 p.m

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 22, published February 8, 2011.