CUTV Sends Video-Letters To Charest

Students Voice Anger with Impending Tuition Hikes

In an effort to give the average student a voice, the Concordia University Television has recorded hundreds of personal messages from students who are opposed to tuition hikes.

The videos will be published and forwarded to Premier Charest, Minister of Education Line Beauchamp, and all 125 Members of the National Assembly.

“The idea is that in the mainstream media you typically only hear the arguments from government or student leaders,” explained CUTV executive producer Laith Marouf.

“We want to show how average, everyday students are being affected by the fee increases, regardless of their age, background, race, or program of study”.

A Concordia student identified as Nicolas, said in his video to Charest, “The argument is that we pay the lowest fees even after the increase is valid. However, we should take advantage of the set opportunity and try to bring as many students as possible to come here to create something solid like a knowledge-based economy”

A student at the University of Ottawa identified as Noel, who traveled down with some classmates for the protest, said, “We don’t want Quebec to become another Ontario, which has the highest tuition fees in the country right now and the lowest amount of government funding for tuition fees”.

There are still up to four hundred videos to be edited and sent, with about ten being done on average per day. CUTV encourages students to record their messages and send their videos to , or upload them on to their youtube channel to relay their personal message to the government.