Concordia’s Art Matters Festival Cut Short Due to COVID-19

Compensation Will Still Be Issued

‘Hands’ was a series of embroideries by Zeke Best Rothfels shown at the exhibit ‘Myth Dealing’ curated by Maggie Mills in 2018. Photo Caitlin Yardley

Every year, Art Matters takes over Montreal with exciting, art created by emergent artists across various disciplines.

The student-run festival began on Feb. 29, but closed 10 days early on March 13 due to COVID-19.

The festival was going to host 15 exhibitions, all of which were created and curated by Concordia students. Five exhibitions were not shown due to the festival’s cancellation.

Art Matters hopes to organize an event in April to “celebrate the work that’s been produced,” but nothing is planned yet. This year also marked the festival’s twentieth anniversary.

“We’re currently working out regular payments for our team for their hard work,” wrote Art Matters outreach coordinator Jonathan Stern.