An Open Invitation to Art Matters’ AGM

Art Matters has signed the Support Concordia Community declaration because our organization believes that the question of per-faculty opt-out en masse is problematic. Art Matters believes in a transparent discussion between all organizations and all members at large, and does not believe in students being asked vote on an issue that has never been fairly explored through an open dialogue.

In response to the structure of the Art Matters funding: The festival operation budget is largely funded by a 2-tiered fee-levy funding; 0.08 per credit from all Concordia faculties and 0.30 per credit from students enrolled in the Fine Arts. Art Matters is completely accountable for its spending and activities, and it is this two tiered funding that permits us to operate an organization that is efficient, transparent, responsible and accountable. The two tiered funding also allows Art Matters with the resources to produce a festival that services the entire Concordia community, whether it be by providing employment opportunities, workshops, a lecture series or diverse cultural events.

In the spirit of responsibility and accountability Art Matters would like to invite all Concordia students to attend our Annual General Meeting at the VAV Gallery on April 10th at 4pm in the VA building. In this meeting members at large are encouraged to learn about the operation budget of the 2014 edition of the festival, to present any questions and/or to voice suggestions for future editions of the festival. In this AGM members at large will also be able to nominate themselves to sit on the Art Matters Board of Directors for the 2015 edition of the festival.

Please join us, there will be snacks and tote bags!

Art Matters Annual General Meeting
April 10th, 4PM
The VAV Gallery, VA Building

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