#chuckdoesthings – Vote Chuck Wilson for President

For the past four years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Chuck Wilson as a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. Since the day we met, I have had the utmost respect for his knowledge, work ethic and passion. I wholeheartedly believe there could not be a better candidate for CSU President.

The one thing that unites all Concordia students is our desire for a great education. Chuck was a Senator for two years, has been a department student representative and has sat on a variety of academic committees. He takes it upon himself to listen to students, identify their concerns then find the most effective way to make a positive impact on our programs, spaces, and resources. Chuck knows how to improve our academic curriculum, rights and experience because he’s been doing it for years.

I worked alongside Chuck as an Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA) executive last year. In his role as VP Finance, Chuck was determined to make sure every single penny was accounted for. His work was the foundation for a complete overhaul in the ECA’s financial structure. Once his mandate was over he stuck around to oversee the changes the whole way through. Because of his work, the ECA’s finances will be easier to manage and thus spent more effectively for years to come.

Chuck cares about the things that matter. Our executive team decided that it was critical for the ECA to become legally accredited in an effort to secure its future. Chuck was key in creating and executing the VOTE YES Campaign. This campaign saw 1675 of our approximately 3,400 student members voting in favour of the referendum. There was a 50% voter turnout and 96% of those ballots were in favour. The results speak for themselves.

Sometimes it seems like Chuck knows everything. You need a robot? Chuck will build one. You have a technical issue? Chuck will fix it. You need a balanced budget? Call on Chuck. You need a drummer? Chuck can rock out. An updated policy, a website, help understanding circuit systems? Chuck’s your man. But, the really awesome thing about Chuck is when he doesn’t know something he tackles the challenge head on and doesn’t quit until an acceptable solution is reached. All the while, keeping a beard-framed smile.
It’s easy to make promises, it’s a lot harder to fulfill them. Chuck doesn’t talk about doing things. #chuckdoesthings

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