Cameron Hogg-Tisshaw for CSU VP Academic and Advocacy

I write to support Mr. Cameron H. Tisshaw’s candidacy as next CSU VP Academic and Advocacy. I’ve known Cameron for the past 2 years – both as a friend and colleague. Cameron’s effortless charisma, intellect, dedication and friendliness are some of the many characteristics that make him qualified to occupy the above-mentioned position.

Cameron and I first met when I served as ASFA’s VP Academic and Loyola Affairs in 2012. As a member of my ASFA Academic and Loyola committee, Cameron served with dedication and distinction. He made himself available over and beyond his mandate. His unmatched insight and in-put culminated many successes towards my portfolio. Without Cameron’s contribution and support, my term would not have been the same.

In the 2012/13 academic year, Cameron’s performance on the ASFA Council was stellar. He was named the ‘’most diplomatic’’ councilor that year. His eloquence and contribution to debates (even on the most contentious issues) showed Cameron’s ability to be the voice of reason.

In this ending academic year, Cameron is one of the official Ambassadors of Concordia University through the Garnet Key Society. The position of a Garnet Key, which I held myself in the year before, is ‘’the highest honour which may be bestowed upon an undergraduate student’’ at Concordia University for outstanding community leadership and academic achievement (Sir Henry F. Hall). Every year, only 12 of the most dynamic and brightest out of over 35,000 undergraduates are chosen to serve as ‘’Keys’’ for an active term of one year and for life as Concordia’s Ambassadors.

In addition to the above, Cameron also touched me personally as a friend in so many ways that I cannot elaborate here simply because the space would not allow! With those few points in mind, I hope you shall make the right choice by electing Cameron H. Tisshaw as you next VP Academic and Advocacy at the Concordia Student Union.

Concordia Salus!
E. Moses Gashirabake
Lifetime Ambassador, Concordia University
ASFA VP Academic and Loyola, 2012/13
Current B.C.L./LL.B. Candidate, McGill Faculty of Law

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