Cameron H. Tisshaw for VP Academic and Advocacy

We, Andrew Proppe (President of ABACUS), Rasha Al Homsy (President of SCSA & VP Internal Affairs of BSA), Shannon Bellevue (VP-Social for SCSA), and Eva Fog (President of BSA) support Cameron H. Tisshaw for VP–Academic and Advocacy for the Concordia Student Union (CSU). The four of us started our undergraduate degrees as members of the Science College at the same time and became close within the first few weeks, opting to team up for projects and debates in our courses together. Cameron was an excellent partner owing to his unerring diplomacy and great ability to articulate arguments, regardless of whether being charged to argue for or against his own personal stance. We remain close now, and he continues to be a loyal friend that is always there to support, offer advice, and help others achieve and realize their ambitions.

In our second year, Cameron ran and won the position of President of the Science College Student Association (SCSA). He quickly volunteered himself as the councillor for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) meetings, and served as an excellent mediator between ASFA and the Science College student body. His will to integrate our small community within the larger ASFA population has not only placed us on the map as a distinguished association, but has exposed us to the academic and social benefits that accompanies the strengthening of this relationship. Cameron has always been keen to discuss what it is like to be an executive, and all matters pertaining to his leadership position. Consequently he as acquired a prominent role in the college as a mentor, for whom students can easily approach and seek guidance relevant to their academic endeavours. He is solely responsible for introducing the four of us to the idea of running for our respective ASFA member associations (ABACUS, BSA and SCSA), and inspired us to push the boundaries for the betterment of our fellow undergraduate students.

Cameron has since joined several committees and is currently an ambassador of the Garnet Key Honour Society. Any Science College student interested in getting involved with student politics, committees, or any prestigious society will often approach Cameron asking for help or guidance, and he is always apt and extremely kind to answer to his fullest. His award for Most Diplomatic Councillor from ASFA meetings during his year as the SCSA representative attests to his amiable and gracious demeanour as a councillor; a talent that could be realized to a fuller extent by becoming a member of the CSU. We personally believe Cameron is the perfect fit as a fellow student to help govern and represent the undergraduate students at Concordia as VP Academic and Advocacy. This is supported by his excellent academic record, which has never faltered despite his involvement with so many different activities and projects, as well as his work in research for the past two years. These qualities speak to what most undergraduate students devoted to academia strive to achieve, ourselves included. We have always, and will continue to appreciate Cameron for his intellect, friendship, and support, driving each other to be the best we can be as students.

We devoutly believe there is no one better suited for the position of VP Academic and Advocacy than Cameron, and to us he is a true gentleman and a scholar.

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