ASFA Will Not Restructure, Fee-Levy to Increase

Referendum Question to Change Federation Bylaws Fails, Hive and ASFA Fee-Levy Questions Approved

Julia Sutera Sardo sits at a polling station for the referendum, which took place between March 16 and March 18. Photo Nik Litzenberger

After months of debates, proposal drafts and lawyer consultations, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations referendum question to restructure did not pass.

The bylaw change would have notably led to shaving down the executive to three positions, the elimination of academic and social events—like Frosh orientation for first year students—and the creation of an independent member association.

The two fee-levy questions passed.

ASFA’s general fee-levy will increase by $0.14 per credit, while $0.10 per credit will be levied from arts and science students to help fund the Hive Free Lunch Project.

Around 700 students voted in the referendum.

Quorum is 2.5 per cent of the association—363 students of 14,539—according to CEO Sam Clement-Coulson.

1. ASFA Fee-Levy Increase—Passed

“Do you as a member of the ASFA approve of the ASFA indexing its fees (currently $1.22/credit) to inflation in accordance with the Consumer Price Index ($1.36/credit), effective fall 2016?”

  • Yes: 303
  • No: 300
  • Abstentions: 80

2. Hive Free Lunch Project Fee-Levy—Passed

Initial wording of question: “Do you, as a member of the ASFA, approve of ASFA giving $0.10/credit towards the Hive Free Lunch Project, effective fall 2016?”

Updated wording of question: “Do you as a member of the ASFA approve of levying a fee of $0.10/credit for the Hive Café Cooperative for the sole purpose of running the Hive Free Lunch Program?”

No specific vote count is available yet. ASFA council will decide whether or not to count the votes cast based on the old question.

Despite the complication, the question had a large enough margin—66 per cent—to be considered a pass, according to Clement-Coulson. It passed by almost two-thirds, he said.

3. Restructuring The Federation—Not Passed

“Do you agree to the following bylaw changes?”

  • Yes: 277
  • No: 329
  • Abstentions: 95