9.7 per cent of ASFA students vote in election

Contested election leads to no landslide slate victories

The votes have been tallied and the results are in. Meet the incoming ASFA executive team. File Photo Tristan D’Amours

The Arts and Science Federation of Associations held their elections from March 23 to March 26, and the results have been posted.

With a total of 1553 out of 16,033 eligible students voting, the turnout was down from 10.2 per cent at November’s by-elections to 9.7 per cent this year. While still low, it is more than double the turnout that the Concordia Student Union elections had, where only 4.8 per cent or 1536 out of 32,199 eligible students cast a vote.

Two members of the Student Interested, Not Self Interested slate, four members of Hope and Reliability and one independent candidate were elected and will make up the 2021-2022 ASFA executive team. 


Executive Coordinator

Sean Smith (746) ELECTED

Alexandre Boigontier (304)

Abstain (503)

Academic Coordinator

Jasmine Ramcharitar Brown (587) ELECTED

Sadegh Sheikhnezhad (514)

Abstain (452)

Communications Coordinator

Sabrina Morena (1118) ELECTED

Abstain (349)

Finance Coordinator

Amine Ben Arous (548) ELECTED

Alexandre Wolski (450)

Andrew McLeod (142)

Abstain (413)

Internal Coordinator

Sarah Bubenheimer (632) ELECTED

Noor Coll (499)

Abstain (422)

Mobilization Coordinator

Payton Mitchell (603) ELECTED

Saruul Bazarsuren (496)

Abstain (454)

Student Life Coordinator 

Nigel Jonathan Ochieng (652) ELECTED

Chelsea Fares (424)

Abstain (477)

Independent Councillor (5 positions available)

Yumna Ahmed (789) ELECTED

Venus Surio (784) ELECTED

Danielle Lavigne (781) ELECTED

Mégane Massé (760) ELECTED

Abstain (522)