Meet the new FASA executive team

8.4 per cent of FASA students vote in election

The results are in; meet the incoming FASA executive team. File Photo Emanuele Barbier

The Fine Arts Student Alliance held their elections from April 6 to April 7, and the votes have been tallied.

With a total of 287 out of 3431 eligible students voting, FASA’s election turnout was lower than that of the recent election held by the Arts and Science Federation of Associations. However, FASA’s election still saw a significantly higher percentage of voters than the Concordia Student Union elections had, where only 4.8 per cent—or 1536 out of 32,199—eligible students cast a vote.


General Coordinator

Aaliyah Crawford (154) ELECTED

Sierra Shaw (89)

Abstain (44)

Finance Coordinator

Damien J. Ul (137) ELECTED

Alex Vermey (94)

Abstain (56)

Student Life Coordinator

Emem Etti (151) ELECTED

Valeria Ortiz (54)

Kai Corrigan (33)

Claire Sigal (25)

Abstain (24)

Outreach Coordinator

Léa Boucher (121) ELECTED

Rosi Maria Di Meglio (96)

Abstain (70)

Clubs and Services Coordinator

Maddi Berger (125) ELECTED

Catherine Reynolds (106)

Abstain (56)