Verity Stevenson

  • ASFA, ConU Officials Respond to Calls for Sexual Consent Workshops

    CGA Launches Petition Asking for Mandatory Workshops in Residences

    One of Concordia’s faculty student associations, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations, is apologizing for saying new students “don’t have the attention span” to sit through a two hour-long workshop on sexual consent.

  • Concordia’s New Visual Journalism Diploma Program

    With media convergence, many employment opportunities require applicants to have experience beyond photography or writing.

  • Vigil Held In Memory of Loretta Saunders

    Countrywide Vigil Draws Attention to the Issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

    Nearly a hundred people huddled together under falling snow Thursday evening at the corner of Guy St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd. in honour of the death of Loretta Saunders, whose missing body was recovered in February near a highway in New Brunswick.

  • CSU Election Results

    Community Matters Sweeps Executive Positions,  Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Petition Is Voted Down

    The Concordia Student Union’s March 25-27 election results are tentatively in, and Community Matters has won the eight executive positions in office.

  • Anti-Colonial Protest Marks International Day Against Racism

    Hundreds Gather to Denounce Racism and Charter of Values

    Hundreds gathered at Mont-Royal metro station Friday evening for a demonstration against “colonialism, racism and the proposed Charter of Values,” which coincided with the International Day Against Racism.

  • ASFA Elections Unique in More Ways Than One

    A Resignation, A Tight Race and A Tie Highlight the Results

    Last week’s Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ elections set themselves apart from others in the past with the sudden resignation of a new executive, the election of a candidate by just one vote and the tied vote of two other councillors.

  • Arts and Science Students Heading to the Polls

    15 Candidates Seeking Executive Position in ASFA Elections

    A bumper crop of candidates is running for the seven executive positions in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ elections taking place from March 4 to March 6.

  • Soil and Herbs Above Our Heads

    Studying, Growing and Learning in Concordia’s Greenhouse

    As university students, sunlight is hard to come by this time of year. The sun rising earlier and setting later now than during the summer months is worsened by the fact that we’re trapped indoors during daylight hours due to school and perhaps work.

  • Hernandez Deportation Pushed Back

    Ongoing Custody Battle Halts Forced Return to Mexico

    The deportation date for Ivonne Hernandez, a Mexican refugee claimant who was to be deported without her Canadian-born infant…

  • Mexican Mother Facing Deportation without Infant Son

    Alleges Abuse at the Hands of Husband

    Ivonne Hernandez fled four different states in Mexico, but she says her alleged abuser always caught up with her.

  • Sieging the Servers

    Worldwide Feminist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon to Take Over the Web This Weekend

    On Feb. 1, Wikipedia is getting a makeover—or is it a reality check?

  • How To Read The Web

    A Breakdown of Some of Today’s Popular Coding Languages

    Programming languages make up the Matrix that is behind most new technologies.

  • Parlez-Vouz English?

    CEGEP Exchanges Offer Opportunities for Bilingualism

    With the job market’s consistently increasing competitiveness and fast pace, it feels like the further from the status quo our resumes are, the better our opportunities.

  • Is Quebec’s Language Divide Played Up By the Media?

    Linguistic Rights and the Angryphone Movement

    Quebecers agree on a lot of things—language isn’t one of them.

  • Margaret Atwood is #Internet

    Canadian author stops in at the Rialto Theatre for a discussion of her latest work.

    “I promised I would begin by singing” is the first thing Margaret Atwood said as she stepped onto the Rialto Theatre stage on Dec. 4.