Fringe Arts

A Review of Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress

Played in the Key of F-Minor, in 3 movements

Listening directions:
Combine with 6 oz. apricot brandy, 2 oz. lemon sour, 1 vinyl LP, 2 electroacoustic transducers, 800-3500Hz, preferably vint. b/w 1973-’86, 1 sheltered room bathed in sunlight, 40mins.

  • Eastern Bloc’s Sight + Sound Fest Returns to its Roots

    Annual Digital Arts Gathering to Change in the Future

    This year’s Sight + Sound explores networked art in an ultra-localized setting, while addressing financial insecurities in the art world by bringing the festival back to its roots.

  • Performing the Psyche

    ‘Rouge Mekong’ Breaks New Ground in Psychological Immersion

    Journey to the centre of Sarah Lebovitz.

  • Experimenting with Catharsis

    Film Preservationist Mark Toscano Talks David Rimmer and Experimental Filmmaking

    In anticipation of the series of screenings entitled David Rimmer: A Retrospective taking place at the Cinémathèque Québécoise on April 10 and April 11, The Link spoke with Mark Toscano from the Academy Film Archive, a film preservationist who worked on the restoration of Rimmer’s films.

  • LadyCab Offers One-Way Service for Ignorance

    New Comedy Web Series Highlights Gender Bias in Drinking Culture

    Three women are using humour to challenge Montreal police’s offensive response to sexual assault allegations in cabs last fall.

  • Montreal Hip Hop Scene Combines Rap with Altruism

    French Rapper K.O.F. Divides His Time Between Collaboration and Community

    The ultra-commercialization of big beat hip-hop by US major labels leads many to forget that this genre of music is primarily a vehicle for social change and positivity—uniting oppressed minorities within a single mode of art.

  • Twin Peaks Rises Through the Mist

    The Cult Classic Returns for a New Generation of Acolytes

    “I’ll see you again in 25 years.”

  • Documenting Civil Disobedience

    Cinema Politica Nears the End of 2015 Winter Semester with Screening of Til the Cows Come Home

    Til the Cows Come Home, is a film that documents the protests in front of Frontenac Prison Farm in Kingston, Ontario in 2010 following the Harper government’s decision to transform the Canadian correctional system and close all of Canada’s rehabilitative prison farms.

  • Antigone à la Montréalaise

    Concordia’s Theatre Department Takes Sophocles’ Antigone to the Metro

    Known as one of the best dramatic plays ever written, Sophocles’ Antigone captures something essential about human nature and the power of the state. Although it was written as early as 441 BC, Sophocles’ message is still on point, as the play presents civil disobedience as a moral responsibility while denouncing the dangers of having an autocratic leader.

  • A Planet by Design

    Architects and Designers Seek New Ways to Confront Ecological Debt

    “We’re tipping towards the unknown,” said President of Buckminster Fuller Institute David McConville, setting the tone for the two-day Degeneration-Regeneration conference held on March 27 and 28.

  • Knowing to Play the Keys Halfway

    Seymour: An Introduction Screens at Docville, as part of RIDM

    Ethan Hawke’s debut documentary film Seymour: An Introduction is a product of the actor’s own existential and professional crisis, as he tells the camera early on in the movie—before stepping back to leave the scene to his friend and mentor Seymour Bernstein.