Fringe Arts

In Memory of Chantal Akerman

RIDM Pays Tribute to Belgian Filmmaker

In light of the tragic death of Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, the Montreal’s international documentary festival will pay tribute to the exceptional figure of the cinema community. Renowned worldwide as the author of original and audacious films, Akerman reportedly committed suicide on Oct. 5 at the age of 65.

  • Connections and Positions

    Visual Artist David K. Ross Explores Space and Perspective

    Positions, presented at the Dazibao Gallery, is a collaborative collection featuring artist David K. Ross, containing three moving-image works, two of which require the use of headsets to listen to accompanying audio, and a set of sketches done by Ross himself.

  • We Didn’t Start the Fire

    On Mina Shum’s New Documentary The Ninth Floor, The Computer Riot, And The Concordia Faculty Member Involved In It All.

    In 1969, students protested against biology teacher Perry Anderson—infamously accused of racism—and the institution that backed him, with riots that escalated into vandalism and arson in the Hall building of what is today Concordia University.

  • It’s Not a Fluke

    Local Artist Helps Legitimize Graffiti in Montreal

    The corner dep was half an hour from closing. While St. Laurent Blvd. warmed up for a standard Thursday night, St. Dominique St. quietly awaited the aftermath.

    In a parking lot between these two streets stood a man and woman, two stories high. Local artist Fluke—no surname—worked atop a hydraulic platform, applying the finishing touches to a mural on the side of a building.  

  • Mocking the Mundane

    Concordia Student Celebrates Literary Debut with Metatron

    Looking Good and Having A Good Time contains four stories, which share the Concordia student’s sense of humour, often focusing on small, mundane matters only to take off into hilariously surreal twists. The stories take place in different situations, but in each of them the indulgence of the characters transition into some bizarre feeling where occupation seems to be a recurring theme.

  • Punks Are Feeling the Bern

    Yet Another Punk-Supported Sanders Benefit Show and I Know Why

    Bernie Sanders Benefit Shows are a real thing, and I know why.

  • Montreal Character Series: Strange Froots

    On Inspiring the Marginalized and Staying Froot

    Montreal R&B heroes Strange Froots talk staying rooted in their culture, reaching out to young girls, and playing white shows.

  • Meru Brings You Close to the Edge

    Meru, an indie documentary about three of the best climbers in the world on a multi-year mission to climb the toughest mountain in the Himalayas, filmed by two of National Geographic’s best artists, was destined for failure.

  • The Link’s Guide to the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

    The Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, one of Montreal’s most prestigious film-festivals, is taking off for its 44th year. The Link spoke with one of the festival’s programmers, Julien Fonfrède, about the highlights and focuses of the lineup.

  • Reality’s Bytes

    Montreal’s Phi Centre Hosts Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival

    In 1992, film critic Roger Ebert wrote an essay titled, “The Chilling Film Concept of Virtual Reality,” expressing anxieties about the ‘technical and ethical’ implications of submerging a live audience into a virtual world.

  • Buy Art, Help a Community

    Drinking and looking at art can have a social conscience.