Fringe Arts

Changing the Conventions of Techno

New Music Collective “Human Pause” Promotes Avant-Garde Experimental Electro

The new electro-art platform Human Pause is throwing its official launch party on Oct. 24, marking its debut in the Montreal music scene.

  • What’s For Dinner? Western Imperialism

    While Rats Eat Pie Brings the Tragedy of War to the Dinner Table

    A group of 13 individuals eat dinner with a PTSD-suffering war journalist, downing shots of liquor from the Eastern Bloc, eating pie, and discussing the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia. Although everyone at the table is part of a play, only one of them is an actor—in this production, to spectate is to participate. While Rats Eat Pie fully immerses its cast-audience hybrid in the fallout of what has moved from the tragic to the historical.

  • Leaving the Working Class Life for Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Indie Rock Band ‘The Glorious Sons’ Tours Canada to Resurrect Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Indie rock band The Glorious Sons have dropped a new album, The Union, an acknowledgment of the members’ labour-intensive jobs before the band’s formation.

  • A Language of Light and Liquid

    Multimedia Art Piece Miscible Connects Audiences 6 Hours Apart

    Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology is launching Miscible, a mix of audiovisual performance and interactive experience in telepresence, presented by Manuel Chantre on Oct. 16.

  • Feminism for Young Men: A Bite-Sized Introduction

    Former Concordia Students Launch Web Series that Brings Feminism to Bros

    Feminism for Bros is a short web series that deals with consent, harassment and the expectations of masculinity in our culture.

  • Illustrator of the Underdogs

    Cartoonist Joe Ollmann Releasing Comic Dealing with the Human Condition

    Cartoonist Joe Ollmann is releasing a new graphic novel that meshes his vision of human nature with dark humour.

  • Creating Art with DNA

    Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg Collects DNA Traces Found in Public Spaces as Inspiration for Her Sculptures

    What began as exposing a tiny hair trapped in an artwork’s display case shifted into an artist collecting bits of DNA around the city and creating sculptural portraits of individuals who had left their traces behind in public spaces.

  • Storytelling Through Images

    Le Cinéclub Screening Silent Film in a Church to Introduce a Wider Audience to Classic Movies

    The identities of churches have significantly changed over the course of several years. No longer do they simply represent places of worship, but they have been appropriated and recently transformed into homes, shopping centres and now temporary movie theatres.

  • This Is Everyone’s Problem

    Choreographer Daina Ashbee’s New Dance Performance Tackles the Subjects of Abuse and Interconnection

    A dancer flings her body to a wall while another violently shakes a clothing rack that almost topples over her as she unleashes bloodcurdling screams. These are some of the disturbing yet highly symbolic images the audience can expect to see at Unrelated, a major dance production choreographed by Daina Ashbee.

  • Poetry That Has Punch

    Concordia Alum Greg Santos Challenges Poetic Traditions in Latest Published Collection

    Montreal-based poet and former Concordia student Greg Santos is releasing his second collection of poems, Rabbit Punch, challenging the conventions of poetry with a humorous twist.

  • The Travellin’ Troubadours

    Folk Duo ‘Rube and Rake’ Honours Musical Predecessors with Lyrics, Harmonies and Use of String Instruments

    Folk duo Rube and Rake of St. John’s, Newfoundland, have left their “haunted brothel” to hit the road and perform across the country on their first tour, with a Sept. 25 show in Montreal