Fringe Arts

Free Cake For Every Creature: The Icing on Top of POP Montreal

Frontwoman Katie Bennett Talks Ugly Muffins and Figuring Your Shit Out

What does it mean to have your shit together? Is it showing up on time? Making your bed every morning? Actually sitting down to eat dinner? Is it inviting people over and not being ashamed of your apartment?

  • Artist Jayson Musson Speaks at POP Montreal

    On Blackness, Politics and Art

    Art Pop and Pop Montreal Symposium held a discussion and screening for New York-based artist Jayson Musson that gave audience members an in-depth look at his 14-year multimedia career.

  • Vernissage Provides a Space for Black Feminist Art

    The 12th Montreal International Black Film Festival Kicks Off With a Feminist Art Show

    Desta can’t be older than five or six-years-old. She’s sitting crossed-legged, staring intently at the globe placed in front of her. The intrigue on her face is visible.

  • POP Montreal Kicks Off 15th Edition This Week

    A Guide to the Weeklong Music Festival

    This city is buzzing in a constant cycle of predrinking, partying and passing out—almost on repeat. Maybe that’s the beauty of it. But what better way to start the first weeks of school than with a weeklong, citywide festival like POP Montreal?

  • Toilet Paper Borders

    University of the Streets Café Explores Border and Immigration Issues Through Theatre

    Who and what define where people have the right to live? Can we create a world that is more accepting of people from other places who may have differently coloured skin and speak with different words?

  • Kafein Poetry Night’s Popularity Posing Some Good Problems

    75th Edition of Event Draws in Record Breaking Crowd

    At the base of the staircase to Kafein’s bar stands a small table with a donation jar, saying “feed the artists.”

  • Poems of the Week

    A Curated Selection of Verse, From Us to You

    A selection of poems from students in Montreal.


    How Social Media Breaks the Industry It Makes: a Tale From the Montreal Art Tattoo Show

    While social media has continued to make people increasingly at ease with tattoos by virtually inviting them into shops, it has also made it easier for people to steal artists’ work.

  • Forget Time, Just Dance

    An Independent Music Festival in Montreal’s Old Port

    Ribbons decorate nearly every surface; lights in hues of blue, red and green are scattered across the ground and bouncing from tree to tree. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were in a real forest.

  • Zooming into World Issues

    First Prize for World Press Photo Competition Focuses on Refugee Crisis, Exhibited in Montreal

    On the border of Serbia and Hungary one August night last year, a Syrian man passed a baby underneath a barbed wire fence as they journeyed to find refuge in Europe.

  • Montreal, In Verse

    An Introduction to and Exploration of Local Poetry

    Walking down St. Laurent St. and Roy St., one may come across Leah Benetti, a local street poet. She earns her living with her typewriter, writing short poems for curious passersby on a pay-what-you-can basis.