The Upcoming March 26 GSA General Assembly

The upcoming Graduate Student Association’s general assembly on March 26 brings to mind the awful assembly on October 23, 2014. I was interested in bringing matters regarding GSA’s accreditation to the notice of members at that assembly, but was disappointed with what happened.

  • Grab a Pint to End Homelessness

    On behalf of my colleagues, I am writing you this message in order to seek your collaboration. We are four students at the John Molson School of Business, and within the framework of our course Leadership and Motivation, we decided to raise awareness about homelessness in Montreal to Concordia students.

  • Why I’m Supporting Community Action in the CSU Elections

    At a time when students are confronted with repeated austerity measures and widespread environmental degradation, it is important to have a student union that defends our interests, builds community and ensures that our voices are heard both inside and outside the university.

  • Why You Should Think Twice Before Voting for Community Action

    Student politics is one of the most brutal sectors of student involvement. I myself dived headfirst into positions of governance; I’m currently the Executive Secretary of the School of Community and Public Affairs. Heard of this major? Probably because four out of the seven current CSU executives come from there.

  • Why My Vote Will Go to Community Action (and Why Yours Should Too)

    Two years ago, I made my first steps in student politics.

  • Money Isn’t Innocent

    Canada is described as a democratic constitutional monarchy with a sovereign as head of state and a prime minister as head of government.

  • Israel is not an Apartheid State

    A number of students at Concordia University seek to accuse Israel of being an “apartheid state.” The aims of Israeli Apartheid Week are to bolster opposition towards what they term as “Israeli Apartheid.”

  • TVA Unfairly Targeted Muslim Students

    The Azrieli Holocaust Collection at Concordia’s library was established in 1984 by oft-celebrated and oft-criticized Montreal philanthropist and architect, David Azrieli. The collection is expansive and incredibly necessary for those who wish to educate themselves about the history of the Holocaust, which unjustly took the lives of approximately 11 million people, over half of which were Jews.

  • Obituary: Brendan Cahill

    The Link has learned that Brendan Cahill, a staffer on this publication in the mid-1980s, passed away a number of months ago in Toronto. He was 54.

  • No BDS, No Campus Animosity

    Universities should be places where students feel a sense of community and connectedness to their school.

  • Yes to BDS, No to injustice

    BDS aims to stop Concordia’s relationship with Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and all other institutions that directly support the Israeli war machine against civilian Palestinians as a way to achieve peace.