Obituary: Brendan Cahill

The Link has learned that Brendan Cahill, a staffer on this publication in the mid-1980s, passed away a number of months ago in Toronto. He was 54.

  • No BDS, No Campus Animosity

    Universities should be places where students feel a sense of community and connectedness to their school.

  • Yes to BDS, No to injustice

    BDS aims to stop Concordia’s relationship with Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and all other institutions that directly support the Israeli war machine against civilian Palestinians as a way to achieve peace.

  • BDS Quebec endorses “Yes to BDS” campaign at Concordia University

    Where the international community has failed to hold Israel to account, it is up to civil society to lay the grounds for change by supporting and engaging in the worldwide campaign to Boycott, Divest and Sanction the State of Israel.

  • No to BDS,  Yes to Peacemaking Actions

    I spent two years in Israel, living as part of the Christian Israeli minority. I’ve met pragmatic Israelis and Palestinians in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah who care more about austerity and the rising cost of life than politics.

  • Vote Yes to the CSU Housing Referendum Question

    Voting yes on the CSU referendum question to support student-housing initiatives will be the first step to making a tangible difference in the life of our community.

  • Concerns about the GSA Accreditation Process

    I believe if a process is wrong, the result is also wrong.

  • Expressing Concerns about CSU Referendum Questions

    On Oct. 19, Conservative Concordia became aware of two referendum questions up for discussion at the Oct. 22 CSU council meeting that will directly affect Conservative Concordia. The first one is concerning budget cuts and the second one is concerning the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

  • Budget Cuts Affect the Educational Experience

    This year I don’t have a single paper on my syllabus for the first semester. This leaves me feeling frustrated, and also apprehensive. I have no way of knowing that I understand the material if I don’t have a chance to analyze the ideas on a piece of paper.

  • An Open Letter to Concordia President Alan Shepard on Divestment from Fossil Fuels

    Some of your recent statements on fossil fuel divestment show that you do not fully understand the reasoning behind the divestment campaign. For example, you have openly stated that the university would consider divestment only if it is shown that sustainable and ethical investments perform as well as the unsustainable and grossly unethical investments the university currently holds in the oil and gas industry.

  • Where Are the Mackay Bike Racks?

    Last week, I was bothered when I realized there were almost no bike racks on the Mackay side of the Hall Building. This space used to accommodate about 100 bicycles, and it was obvious that we needed more.