• Letter: Cannabis Prohibition is a Farce

    The level of contempt citizens have for cannabis prohibition demands the end of the farce.

  • Letter: No Tribunal for One Charged Student-Protester

    Informal Agreement Has Been Reached

    As a student charged under the Code of Rights and Responsibilities for striking on April 1, 2015, I would like to thank one of the complainants for coming to an amicable, informal agreement with me, and I presume with the other students they charged as well, through the university.

  • Letter: LAS Wants Charges Dropped, Better Working Conditions

    We ask that you drop the charges against these students, and conduct a review of the Code that includes student representation.

  • Letter: GSA Needs to Take a Stand on Austerity

    Despite the problems in previous GSA’s general assembly, this is a very important assembly to attend. Please do not be discouraged from taking an active role, or from expressing your democratic right.

  • Letter: An Apology From ASFA

    We, the ASFA executive and board of directors are writing this letter to sincerely apologize to Mei-Ling on behalf of any student involved in ASFA, past or present, for creating a racially and sexually oppressive environment during her time in office.

  • Letter: Anti-protest Laws Declared Unconstitutional—Student Tribunals Are Concordia Equivalent

    The 2012 student strike, though momentous on a citizen level, was accompanied by a period of political repression from the Quebec government. They used highly controversial, unenforceable and even unconstitutional laws to violently stop people from gathering and protesting in the streets.

  • Letter: Give CURE a Fee-levy

    Vote YES to the CURE fee levy question!

  • Letter: Yes to CURE Concordia

    I encourage my fellow Fine Arts students to vote “Yes to CURE Concordia” and support community-based art and more opportunities for Fine Arts at Concordia.

  • Letter: Vote for For-Credit Social Justice Research

    I encourage my fellow Concordia students to vote “Yes” to CURE Concordia during the CSU by-elections on Nov. 24 through 26.

  • Letter: Support a Daycare and Nursery

    The daycare service will allow student-parents to accommodate their already difficult class schedules including night classes, and provide stability for their families.