Expressing Concerns about CSU Referendum Questions

On Oct. 19, Conservative Concordia became aware of two referendum questions up for discussion at the Oct. 22 CSU council meeting that will directly affect Conservative Concordia. The first one is concerning budget cuts and the second one is concerning the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

  • Concerns about the GSA Accreditation Process

    I believe if a process is wrong, the result is also wrong.

  • Budget Cuts Affect the Educational Experience

    This year I don’t have a single paper on my syllabus for the first semester. This leaves me feeling frustrated, and also apprehensive. I have no way of knowing that I understand the material if I don’t have a chance to analyze the ideas on a piece of paper.

  • An Open Letter to Concordia President Alan Shepard on Divestment from Fossil Fuels

    Some of your recent statements on fossil fuel divestment show that you do not fully understand the reasoning behind the divestment campaign. For example, you have openly stated that the university would consider divestment only if it is shown that sustainable and ethical investments perform as well as the unsustainable and grossly unethical investments the university currently holds in the oil and gas industry.

  • Where Are the Mackay Bike Racks?

    Last week, I was bothered when I realized there were almost no bike racks on the Mackay side of the Hall Building. This space used to accommodate about 100 bicycles, and it was obvious that we needed more.

  • AIESEC Concordia, Leaders Beyond Tomorrow

    “Why we do, what we do?” International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) is the largest international student-run organization offering students internships and volunteering opportunities abroad. Bonded by our AIESEC values, we build globally minded leaders of tomorrow.

  • Why to Vote Community Matters

    Community matters. But what does that mean?

  • Vote Experience CSU

    Being a part of Colors of Concordia has taught me the value of cultural diversity within the Concordia community and the importance of having well-rounded associations. Team Experience CSU encompasses a variety of executives who deliver specific strengths from different areas; this would be the first major point where Experience CSU has irrevocably gained my trust and support.

  • An Open Invitation to Art Matters’ AGM

    Art Matters has signed the Support Concordia Community declaration because our organization believes that the question of per-faculty opt-out en masse is problematic.

  • I Support Experience CSU

    As president-elect of Casa Cares, I am writing to express my support for Experience CSU. Having worked with Melissa Payette (running President) and Sabrina Jorrin (running VP Student Life) at Casa Cares for almost a year now, I am confident that both will do an excellent job in representing the student body and better our University experience.

  • VOTE YES to the Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Referendum Question

    Concordia students have been told that per-faculty votes on fee-levies would do more bad than good. Some have even preached that this question is “killing” fee-levy groups, or even that those who wrote these referenda hate fee-levy groups completely.