Concordia Students Strike Despite Cancelled Classes

Security and police seen around campus as some classes are picketed

With classes canceled this Monday for the faculty and departments that voted to strike, approximately 100 students voiced their concern around Concordia, picketed classes and gathered support for their cause against austerity.

  • Weekly Saturday Protests Carry On Peacefully

    Following the aftermath of Friday night’s mayhem, a peaceful, less eventful demonstration on Saturday morning gave a chance to protesters to recover their spirit and continue their battle against austerity.

  • Bidding Begins on Concordia’s Beverage Contract

    As the bidding process on Concordia’s food services contract drew to a close, the university began accepting proposals for a new beverage contract.

  • No Student-Led Bid on Concordia’s Food Contract Forthcoming

    The Concordia Food Coalition’s Plans to Bid on University Food Contract Fall Through

    For months, students involved in the Concordia Food Coalition have been working to bring together various organic, locavore and vegetarian restaurants and cafés to bid on Concordia’s food services contract. However, a key player recently decided to pull out of the initiative, meaning there won’t be a CFC-led bid after all.

  • UdeM Students Split from FEUQ

    Student associations at Université de Montréal voted unanimously to leave the provincial university student organization Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec (FEUQ).

  • Leader of PEGIDA Quebec Not Attending Protest After Facebook Threats

    The leader of a Quebec-based Islamophobic group told a reporter he will not be attending the group’s planned protest against the “Islamization” of the west after receiving threats on Facebook, according to counter-protest organizer Jaggi Singh.

  • Chaos Reigns During Anti-Austerity Demo

    Follow up to Tuesday’s violent demo sees at least 81 people fined and one arrested

    An anti-austerity demonstration of thousands turned into chaotic scenes after police used flash grenades, pepper spray and other scare tactics for dispersal Friday night.

  • The Hive Café Joins April 2 Strike

    Downtown Location to Close, Loyola Hours Reduced

    The workers of the Hive Café have voted to strike against austerity on April 2, entailing the total closure of the downtown location and limited opening hours at the Loyola location.

  • Community Action Wins, Councillor Votes May Be Recounted

    UPDATE: The Only Executive Team Sweeps, While Councillor Positions are Closely Contested

    Largely unopposed and with a few incumbent candidates, the “Community Action” team was elected to all Concordia Student Union executive positions after a ballot count last night.

  • More Classes Cancelled for April 2 Strike

    The five student associations that have held a strike vote against austerity since March 23 have had their classes cancelled on April 2, according to a statement by Concordia’s Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Benoit-Antoine Bacon.

  • Navigating a Culture of Good and Bad Food

    Health Eating and Green Living Expo Brings Organic Producers Together

    Tens of thousands of fanatical health foodies made their way to the Palais des Congrès this weekend ready to taste hundreds of natural food samples at the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert.