A Look at the YMCA’s Homelessness Prevention Program in Montreal’s Central Bus Station

At the Gare d’autocars de Montréal, the city’s central bus station, passengers stream through, hauling luggage, ushering children and pulling out their smartphones to call friends and family in the city.

  • CASA-led Protest Against Austerity Measures

    Hundred-strong march quickly declared illegal, ends without arrests

    The march was declared illegal by Montreal police as soon as the speeches ended. Police presence was heavy throughout the protest, although no arrests were made.

  • Deadline Extended on FEUQ Survey

    Survey of the Living Conditions of Quebec University Students Deadline Extended to April 25

    The Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec has extended the deadline on its Survey of the Living Conditions of Quebec University Students to April 25 after the Concordia Student Union failed to give its students ample time to complete it.

  • Anatomy of a Grassroots Campaign

    Concordia Student Runs Against PQ Minister Responsible for the Charter of Values

    Provincial politics in Quebec is seemingly seeing a resurgence of interest among youth. As was the case in 2012, a year characterized by months of student protests, quite a few young Quebecers threw their hats into the ring in Monday’s provincial election.

  • Concordia, McGill Students Hold “Die-In” to Protest Fossil Fuel Investment

    A rally culminating in a “die-in” was held on Tuesday, April 1 in protest of Concordia and McGill University’s environmental policies.

  • Students Declare Their Demands Remain Regardless of Election Results

    ‘Night Demonstration’ Ends With No Arrests

    As of yet, an election-night student protest has not been broken up by police.

  • ASSÉ-led Protest Demands a “More Egalitarian” Budget

    Thousands March Through Downtown Montreal to Denounce Budget Cuts by Governments

    A protest organized by the most militant of Quebec’s student federations, the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, drew thousands of demonstrators into the streets of downtown Montreal on Thursday to denounce budget cuts to various government programs.

  • Jane Goodall on Climate Change, Vegetarianism and Chimpanzees

    The Animal Welfare Leader Explains How Her Dog Rusty Taught Her One of Her Most Important Lessons

    The civil rights movement had Martin Luther King Jr., the feminist movement had Betty Friedan and the animal welfare movement has Jane Goodall.

  • The Ideological Divide on University Governance

    Quebec’s Political Parties Debate the Merits of Closer Ties Between Universities and the Private Sector

    Another divide has emerged between Quebec’s political parties. In the provincial campaign’s final stretch, politicians disagree on whether…

  • CSU Election Results

    Community Matters Sweeps Executive Positions,  Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Petition Is Voted Down

    The Concordia Student Union’s March 25-27 election results are tentatively in, and Community Matters has won the eight executive positions in office.

  • Vigil Held In Memory of Loretta Saunders

    Countrywide Vigil Draws Attention to the Issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

    Nearly a hundred people huddled together under falling snow Thursday evening at the corner of Guy St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd. in honour of the death of Loretta Saunders, whose missing body was recovered in February near a highway in New Brunswick.