Democratizing Decision-Making at the CSU

An unsustainable structure means that power dynamics are highly unequal, and certain voices are prioritized over others. In order to make the CSU sustainable, those hierarchies need to be flattened and power needs to be distributed horizontally.

  • The Stories We Tell

    Changing the Narrative at the World Social Forum in Montreal

    The World Social Forum 2016 was an opportunity to change the narrative. There’s a lot of bad news being told on the radio, on the television, in the newspapers. Yet somehow, there is a lack of reflection on how our actions are generating these situations—and how a change in those actions can make us part of the solution.

  • Understanding Systemic Racism in Quebec

    How Quebec’s Human Rights Commission and Justice System Fail to Protect Victims of Police Racism

    Police racism goes beyond the disproportionate likelihood for people of colour to be killed by police. Police also engage in violent, unnecessary arrests of people of colour; and communities of colour have significantly higher police presence than white communities. Finally, the Human Rights Commission and justice system have failed to adequately protect communities of colour from systemic racism.

  • Concordia, Canada, and the Climate

    Through the actions of its students, Concordia has become a leader in sustainability. The same can’t be said of decision-makers in the provincial or national governments

  • Editorial: A Year in Review for the CSU

    It’s been a tumultuous year at our university, particularly in the realm of student politics. The Concordia Student Union has pushed some important initiatives for which they should be commended—but this academic year wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns—or rather, it wasn’t all daycares and housing projects.

  • Selective Mourning: Terror and the Media Across the World

    When the bombings in Paris gripped the hearts of so many, the bombing in Lebanon, occurring the day before, flew under the radar. Over the past several months, in fact, Iraq, Mali, Pakistan, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and the Ivory Coast all have been sites of attacks. Yet little is known about those tragedies.

  • Editorial: Act Together Can Lead the Way Forward

    It’s that time of the year again. Here are The Link’s picks for the CSU election in 2016.

  • Concordia Needs to Represent Indigenous People

    A petition is currently circulating online demanding a stronger commitment from President Alan Shepard and Provost Benoit-Antoine Bacon to the indigenous community at Concordia University.We as Concordians need to support the indigenous people in our communities.

  • Who Do We Trust?

    Police Brutality Hurts More Than Its Victims—It Harms Society as a Whole

    What is true for individuals tends also to be true for society in general. That is why even one case of police brutality is too many. It chokes the life out of the living, breathing faith that, as human beings, we have certain fundamental and inalienable rights regardless of merit.

  • Nahm’sayin?

    Fitness Culture Doesn’t Give Us Squat

    I’m not trying to hate on people who want to improve themselves. I’m just exhausted and nauseated from wrestling with the fact that the one lane to being considered healthy in Western culture seems to be buying $10 bottles of organic juice and never skipping leg day.

  • Editorial: Concordia, Help Your International Students With Housing

    If the school is already referring international students to a student- run housing organization for residence issues, then Concordia should be funding this organization. With more money for resources, employment, outreach to students and information, HOJO will be able to go beyond what they are doing now to help create a less exploitative city for international students.