Editorial: The Sexual Assault Centre Needs More From Concordia

Nearly a year and a half after Concordia’s Sexual Assault Resource Centre was finally established on campus, it’s lacking resources of its own.

  • “Au Revoir,” French Students

    FEUQ Voices Opposition to Increasing French Students’ Tuition

    Since 1978, an agreement between France and Quebec meant that French students pay the same tuition fees as Quebecers, as do Quebec students studying in France. However, the Couillard government has decided to renegotiate the agreement—Christine St-Pierre, the minister of international relations and La Francophonie, announced the new criteria on Feb. 12.

  • The Plague That is Xenophobia

    Speaking Out Against the Vilification of Muslims

    What I read in the news last Friday troubled me. I haven’t felt such profound anger in a while. Perhaps it has been building up, but the new ad by the Bloc Québécois sent me over the edge. The ad I’m referring to regards the use of a niqab to depict a point-of-view of the Parliamentary chamber. Aside from it being a political attack on a specific party that was strategically published to win back the seats it lost, this ad crosses a line.

  • Cuts to Health Services: Necessity or Ideology?

    Provincial Health Reforms Will Unquestionably Reduce Quality of Healthcare

    Racing to eliminate a budgetary deficit, Quebec’s Liberal government is moving forward with reforming the province’s healthcare services. Unfortunately, the system’s stakeholders—doctors, nurses, support staff and, most importantly, patients—will be the real losers of it all.

  • A Guide to MDMA Harm Reduction

    One of the most important things when taking drugs of any sort is to be well educated on their possible risks and complications and to use that information to make your use as responsible and safe as possible. Unfortunately, much of what we’re taught about drugs from school or public education campaigns is fear-based or in support of abstinence rather than education and harm reduction, reducing the accessibility of credible information about drugs.

  • Editorial: Making the Case for a Student Housing Co-op

    The pressures of finding an apartment in a new city, visiting it, negotiating numbers and signing a lease are taxing enough, but doing so with so little time leaves most first-years out of luck when it comes to finding a good deal.

  • Unwittingly Becoming an Agent of Gentrification

    Landlords in Montreal are Putting Students in Competition with Long-Term Residents

    But, we have two incomes that together can pay more in rent than the single parent we displaced by moving into this apartment and it still feels like we got a good deal. But is it a good deal for the neighbourhood?

  • Plateau Snow - Winter Nightmareland

    Who Should Answer the Questions on Clean Up Ops: Ferrandez or Coderre?

    The mayor’s office of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, a Montreal borough located on the east side of Mount-Royal, has been under the city’s microscope in recent weeks for certain decisions made regarding snow removal services.

  • How to Shed Those Poutine Week Pounds

    Don’t Let The Snow Deter You From Your Resolution

    It’s not anything new—Montreal is cold in the winter. It gets dark by 4:30 p.m. and leaving the house is often an impossible task unless it’s for food or much-needed companionship.

  • Ritalin: The Key to Academic Success?

    A Look at the Popularity of ADD Meds as Study Aids

    Juggling school, work and the gym – and still having time for a social life – isn’t easy. Students resort to different strategies to cope with the pressure. Some don’t work during the school year and possibly accumulate debt. Others take fewer classes and prolong their stay.

  • Editorial: Working Towards Better Food Services at Concordia

    The Link would like to endorse the consortium bid or any other potential alternative over a multinational or national corporation like Chartwells, Aramark or Sodexo. This isn’t simple anti-corporation sentiment; Chartwells and companies like them have repeatedly demonstrated incompetence and corporate irresponsibility.