Editorial: Half-Measures Won’t Lead to a Safer Concordia

A Concordia University official dismissed a petition that called for mandatory consent workshops, going so far as asking the Centre for Gender Advocacy to take it down.

  • The Two-Year St. Catherine St. Revamp

    In June, the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, announced his plans to begin a massive underground reconstruction of Ste. Catherine Street. Expected to begin in 2016, 2.2 kilometres of the street, between Atwater Ave. and Bleury St., will be closed off to cars and partially to pedestrians. The construction work will take place in two phases, with the first phase expected to cost between $80-95 million.

  • The Thought Police Strikes Concordia

    Assumptions Stain Kyle Arseneau Case

    The most striking element about a disqualification is the finality of it.

  • Editorial: A New CSU Concentrated on Sustaining Communities

    The excitement of this year’s Concordia Student Union general elections has finally settled down. With one of the most controversial referendum questions in years and with over three times as many candidates as last year, this election has been one for the ages.

  • The Room Full of Phonies

    The Room Screening Audience More Misogynistic Than the Movie

    I wasn’t prepared to feel unsafe. I wasn’t prepared to spend five hours on a Sunday “sucking it up” to anti-feminist chants. I wasn’t prepared to hear “because she’s a woman” jokes that stopped being funny before I started growing armpit hair.

  • Editorial: A Diverse CSU for a Diverse Concordia

    In sharp contrast to last year’s Concordia Student Union election, which saw most positions go uncontested, three full teams, in addition to independent candidates, are vying for the paid spots on this year’s union.

  • Nah’msayin?

    March Sadness

    The month of March always brings two types of madness to the sports world.

  • Sweeping Education Under the Rug

    Quebec Universities Must Change Tactics to Increase Funding

    As Université de Montréal rector Guy Breton reminded us last week, the dire state of our universities’ funding hasn’t disappeared just because our elected officials have seemingly stopped looking for solutions.

  • Out-of-Province Students Aren’t Trying to Steal the Election

    Please believe me when I say that, last week, when I went to try to register to vote, I did not do so with malicious or dishonest intentions.

  • Stronger United

    Vote for CSUnited This Week

    Concordia is strong. But it is stronger united.

  • Working Towards Student Engagement

    Why You Should Vote for Community Matters

    Through travelling I have come to realize that the privileges afforded to us in Quebec, through our student organizations, are to be cherished, held onto and defended—they are not a given.