Gonzo Nieto

  • Moving Beyond Memorization

    How Can We Properly Evaluate the Education We Receive?

    We should be questioning the skills we’re being taught—for the amount of time and money we put into our education, we deserve to know that we’re getting what we’re paying for.

  • Popping Bottles: It’s Over 9,000!

    Party Tab for Former Execs is a Misuse of Funds

    If recent allegations about a certain extravagant end-of-the-year party are true, last year’s CSU executives may have left us with one last lapse of judgment to marvel at.

  • CSU’s Electoral Reforms Help the Union

    It’s election time again at the Concordia Student Union, and in case you hadn’t heard, all but one of the executive positions are uncontested, as are most of the council and Senate positions.

  • Forcing the Hand of Council

    The CSU Executive’s Childish Strategy to Get Its Way

    On Feb. 13, following the resignation of the CSU president several days earlier, council met to appoint a new president.