• Ex-Stingers Win Highest Honour

    Former Players Hoist Clarkson Cup

    The Montreal Stars won the Clarkson Cup on March 27, earning themselves the highest honor in North American women’s hockey by shutting out the Toronto Aeros in the final with a decisive 5-0 victory.

  • Concordia United

    Concordia Unifies Clubs in CCSU Charity Soccer Tournament

    The first, hopefully annual, Concordia Caribbean Student’s Union Charity Soccer Tournament took place March 26, and let me tell you:

  • Moksha

    Yoga that’s lean, mean and green

    I imagine most of you have heard about the various forms of yoga, and that many of you have been deterred either from trying or from continuing to practice yoga with formal instruction due to the costs involved.

  • Varsity Reds Capture University Cup

    UNB Trumps McGill 4-0 in Men’s Hockey Final

    FREDERICTON (CUP)—The University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds can drink from the University Cup once again.

  • Skate or Die

    Red Bull’s Crashed Ice Comes to Quebec City

    How many Red Bulls does it take to kill a man?

  • Rook Of The Year

    Is It Time For Chess to Be Considered a Sport?

    Being one of the world’s oldest games, chess has captured the imagination and intrigue of everyone from great kings and generals to students and common vagabonds across the globe for almost two millennia.

  • Carleton Drops Concordia in Nationals

    Concordia Takes a Hard Loss to Carleton in CIS Nationals

    In the week leading up to the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Final, Concordia head coach John Dore said that going up against the “mighty Carleton Ravens”

  • CIS Consolation Loss to Dalhousie

    Stinger’s Thirst for Tiger Blood Unquenched

    The Dalhousie Tigers captured their first-ever Canadian Interuniversity Sport Final 8 victory on March 12, bringing down the Concordia Stingers 76-65 in the consolation semifinal.

  • The Essential And Rare Art of a Good Spot

    A good spot is an essential commodity for any weightlifter. Let’s forget about good and bad spots for now. A spot itself is an essential component of any weightlifters regimen.

  • Caution To All But Mice

    Creatine: Its Benefits and Secret Dangers

    Being 6’2 and weighing 160 pounds gets you in trouble sometimes. You could bench press two plates when working out and maybe even be a hero and superset with widespread chin ups,