Who’s Running and How to Vote March 12

The Link will be running our general annual election on March 12 at 5 p.m., in our office located in room H-649 of the Hall Building (1455 de Maisonneuve W.).

Here’s who you’ll be voting for:

Ireland Compton
Elaine Genest

Coordinating Editor
Olivier Cadotte

Managing Editor
Dustin Kagan-Fleming

Current Affairs Editor
Erika Morris

Opinions Editor
April Tardif-Levesque

Fringe Arts Editor
Nanor Froundjian

Fringe Arts Online
Victoria Lamas

Sports Editor
Elias Grigoriadis

Sports Online
John Ngala

Photo Editor
Sarah Boumedda

Video Editor
Caitlin Yardley

Creative Director
Aysha White

Graphics Editor
Breea Kobernick

Who’s Eligible to Vote

All staff members can vote in the election.

To be considered staff, students must have contributed four times to four separate issues. The following people are staff:

Miriam Lafontaine, Savannah Stewart, Elaine Genest, Alexander Perez, Savanna Craig, Aysha White, Marissa Ramnanan, Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Ireland Compton, Victoria Lamas, Elisa Barbier, Olivier Cadotte, Samuel Boafo, Elias Grigoriadis, Erika Morris, Louis Pringle, John Ngala, Victor Depois, Louis Pringle, Maggie McCutcheon, Youmna El Halabi, Caitlin Yardley, RaguVarman Raguparan, Breea Kobernick, April Tardiff Levesque, Abegail Renaudo, Sarah Boumedda, Nanor Froundjian and Wala Amara.

Any questions about the process can be directed to Miriam Lafontaine at editor@thelinknewspaper.ca.

Positions for our two online news editors and our copy editor still remain open, pending by-elections.

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