Total Prolapse of the Butt

I have a question regarding a most unfortunate incident I recently saw in a pornographic film. In the film, a woman was being anally penetrated doggy style by a rather well endowed man. At one point, the man pulls completely out of her, and, in the process, takes her intestines with him. I do believe this is called an anal prolapse and I’m scared of it happening to me. I love being anally penetrated, so tell me, what am I to do? —Butthurt Bottom

I can see why this visual may have you concerned…

To start off, a quick and by no means complete overview of what is also called rectal prolapse.

Rectal prolapse happens when your rectal walls and muscles are weakened to the point of collapse and can literally no longer hold themselves up within your rectum. Rectal prolapse varies depending on the external visibility from the anal sphincter (that’s your asshole). It could be completely internal, a slight protrusion or a full protrusion.

This all depends on how weakened or stretched the anal sphincter itself is. So, things that can stretch your asshole include long-term anal sex, but also a variety of bowel issues like frequent and long-term constipation, diarrhea, and strained defecation—as well as childbirth.

People who are experiencing rectal prolapse to any degree are strongly advised not to engage in any anal play until treated, for obvious reasons. While treatment varies, in cases of full protrusion, a surgical procedure is usually necessary.

Rectal protrusion is not a fun time, but barring extreme and sudden abuse of your anus, you aren’t going to go from nothing to your rectal walls collapsing all in one shot.

So, back to the video, it would make sense for the rectal walls to exit the anal sphincter when the man withdrew from the woman because the penetration itself was likely what was holding her in during the act to begin with.
Based on your description, I really doubt that this woman didn’t have rectal prolapse or other related­­­­­­-­––­­­ issues before this specific encounter.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that rectal prolapse won’t happen to you, because there are no guarantees when it comes to our bodies. Some people engage in tons of anal play and never have any issues, while others report problems after having plain old anal sex once with an average-sized penis.

There aren’t any studies or in-depth research on this issue so it’s hard to tell how common and frequent anal sex-induced rectal prolapse is compared to the other causes. Not to mention there’s a whole fetish around deliberate rectal protrusion and stretching, so a significant portion of what we see, especially if it’s in porn, is intentional.

Safer anal sex practices help in prevention of more than just sexually transmitted infections, so remember to lube up to facilitate penetration (of course, don’t forget the condom), relax the anal sphincter to reduce trauma and stretching, go slow in the beginning and take it slow until it feels right—especially if you’re moving up a size on whatever you’re inserting.

Unfortunately, the bigger you go, the bigger the risk you’re taking, so you need to personally weigh the risks and decide what’s best. Kegel exercises also help strengthen the anal sphincter (among other awesome things), so I recommend giving them a try and reaping the many benefits. Just Google “kegel exercises for men” for some great online guides.

Most importantly, listen to your body. If you experience tearing, excessive bleeding or something just doesn’t feel right when you’re being penetrated or having a bowel movement see a doctor as soon as possible.

Maintenance and awareness is key, so if it’s something you’re really concerned about, talk to a doctor, preferably a good one who won’t just tell you “anal sex isn’t natural,” because they might have advice or be able to put your mind at ease through a checkup.

By the way, don’t Google Image Search “rectal prolapse.” I can tell you right now that it ain’t pretty.

For help working through your sex-related fears, you can always contact Concordia Counselling & Development. The Sir George Williams campus office is reachable at 514-848-2424 ext. 3545 and the one at Loyola is ext. 3555.

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