Today: Who’s running and how to vote in the by-election

The Link's by-election will take place Nov. 9. at 5 p.m. EST over Zoom. Here's who's running and how to vote.

Co-News Editors
Mohammad Khan
Jaime Kerr

Their cover letters and portfolios can be viewed here. Voters are encouraged to read these ahead of time.

All staff members can vote in the election. To be considered staff, students must have contributed four times to four separate issues.

The following people are staff: Nanor Froundjian, Sheena Macmillan, Elias Grigoriadis, Joey Bruce, Olivia Piché, Peter Vryonis, Aude Simon, Caroline Marsh, Gabriela Vasquez-Rondon, Mariana Chajon Oliveros, Reina Ephrahim, Noemi Stella Mazurek, Jaime Kerr, Bri Kang, Eva Wilson, Sophie Dufresne, Maria Chabelnik, Amanda Teixeira, Diane Yeung, Mohammad Khan, Marianne Liendo-Dufort, Eric Pahmer

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