The Posterz: Set Aside Bullshit

They’re young, wild, and simply just don’t give a damn. That’s how the Montreal group, The Posterz, may come across in their videos, but in reality they are “meticulous” about their music as they strive to sound like nobody you’ve ever heard.

The Posterz dropped an EP, Junga EP, earlier in November. It features numerous bangers, including “Bulalay” and “Rumble”, all in anticipation of a full-length album, coming soon.

Nate Husser & Kris the Spirit of The Posterz passed by The Link office for an interview for The Scratch hip-hop blog. Both members sat down with Julian McKenzie and Zachary Goldberg to talk about their origins, as well as Nate’s newest solo track, “Name Another N!99@”.

Video by Zachary Goldberg, Nik Litzenberger, and Julian McKenzie

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