The Link’s 2018 Doug Leslie Bursary

Congratulation to Alexander Perez, the recipient of this year’s Doug Leslie Bursary!

This bursary was created in memory of Leslie, who served as The Link’s first Editor-in-Chief. Through organization troubles and a shortage of staff, Leslie overcame financial struggles to successfully guide the merger of two campus papers, all while ensuring the publication’s independence.

Working in student media is a labour of love. This annual bursary acknowledges the long hours The Link’s contributors put it by awarding one recipient with $1,000 or two with $500, based on their contributions to the publication and their financial need.

A very special thank you is due to our committee: former Linkies Michelle Pucci, CBC Nunavut, Phil Authier, Montreal Gazette, and Colin Harris, Montreal Gazette, representative from Concordia’s Dean of Students office, Paul Groubko, and Julian McKenzie, representative from The Link’s Board of Directors. Your time, effort, and constant support are endlessly appreciated.

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