The Link Volume 39 General Elections Are Almost Here

On Tuesday, March 6 at 5 p.m. in The Link’s office, in the Hall Building in room H-649 (1455 de Maisonneuve W.).

Those interested in the positions must submit a one-page cover letter explaining why they think they’d be a good fit for the position they’re applying for. This letter must be submitted no later than Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 5 p.m., along with a portfolio of three relevant contributions to The Link. Those running for Editor-in-Chief must submit eight samples from at least three sections. The letter must be posted on the wall of The Link office.

To be eligible, individuals must have contributed four times to four separate issues. Questions can be directed to

Make the big calls and represent the paper. Through rain, snow and sleepless nights, you lead the troops of this publication to greatness.

Coordinating Editor
Direct the paper’s online content and stay on top of news, fringe, sports and opinions content cycles. Conquer the Internet with cunning social media strategy and innovative ideas.

Managing Editor
Journalism works because deadlines are enforced. Oversee the paper’s print production, keep editors and staff on their game, and make sure the magazine comes out on time.

Current Affairs Editor
Put your magnifying glass to the week’s happenings and dig deeper. Curate in-depth features and give context to news around Concordia.

Two Co-News Editors
Direct the online news content. Get to know every inch of Concordia and its politics. Recite acronyms and chase the truth. Repeat after me: BoG, CSU, ASFA.

Opinions Editor
Separate the crazy from the coherent and put together one killer commentary section. Hunt down the strong debaters and columnists and give them a page to fill. Make sure that our regular columns—Sex Ed(itorial), Peoples’ History of Canada, and Nahmsayin—get filled regularly.

Copy Editor
Keep articles out of synonym hell and catch the mistakes, big and small. Make the boring stories exciting and the exciting stories even better.

Fringe Arts Editor
Expose all that’s cool and underground in the Montreal art scene. From gallery openings to bands with three name changes, you’re the go-to person for what’s up-and-up in arts.

Fringe Arts Online
As the online, regular counterpart to the fringe arts editor, you tell Concordia what’s worth seeing and what to avoid. You are also in charge of our popular fringe calendar.

Sports Editor
Find the story behind the game. Give a voice to the athletes and highlight the great wins and tough times for all of Concordia’s teams.

Sports Online
Be the ultimate source of knowledge for all things Stingers. Fast stats, game recaps, video and podcast work are your wheelhouse.

Creative Director
Design the visual language of the magazine. Lay it out, make it pretty and break design boundaries.

Photo Editor
Capture Concordia life. Snap photos of Stingers games, protests and everything in between. Manage a list of contributors and become adept at Photoshop.

Video Editor
Capture video every week for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and The Link’s website. Work with the coordinating editor to organize live sessions with bands, and capture on-the-spot news when it happens.

Graphics Editor
You’re the illustrator extraordinaire. Find a way to visualize the tough stories and the easy stories, with the help of some great contributors.

Eligible to run: Kelsey Litwin, Tristan D’Amours, Jon Milton, Carl Bindman, Elisa Barbier, Aiden Locke, Savannah Stewart, Shannon Carranco, Julia Miele, Harrison Milo-Rahajason, Alexander Perez, Brian Lapuz, Franca Mignacca, Miriam Lafontaine, Vince Morello, Ocean Derouchie, Morag Rahn-Campbell, Nikolas Litzenberger, Daren Zomerman, Ireland Compton, Aysha White, Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Savanna Craig, Elias Grigoriadis, Mark Di Franco, Erika Morris, Marissa Ramnanan, Deanna Hewitt, Elaine Genest, Eric Beaudouin, Penina Simon, Shreya Biswas, Jeremie Gauthier-Caron, Victoria Lamas, Wala Amara, Jordan Stoopler, Shakti Langlois-Ortega.

One contribution to be eligible: Amely Coulombe, Fatima Dia, Olivier Cadotte, Jillian Reynolds, Paulina Dominguez, Simon New, Maya Lach Applebaum.

Two contributions to be eligible: Caisse Doubleday, Caitlin Yardley, Evelyn Hansen-Gillis, Gabor Bata, James Betz-Gray, Jeffrey Muntu, Matt Garies, Natalia Blasser, Ninon Scotto Di Uccio, Sarah Jesmer, Victoria Lewin.

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