The Link is Looking For a Video Editor

Have you dreamed of pivoting to video? Do you live and breathe for visual storytelling? Do you know a camera like the back of your hand? You think you have what it takes be to The Link ’s next video editor?

We’re looking for a video editor to join our team of dedicated journalists, artists, and editors. The video editor’s job is to work with all section editors to coordinate video content to go along with written articles, while coming up with ideas for fun videos on their own. They’ll also work with a team of video contributors to shoot and edit content.

The by-elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 5 p.m. in our office in H-649, just before our regular pitch meeting.

Those interested in the position must submit a one-page cover letter explaining why they think they’d be a good fit for the position. This letter must be submitted no later than Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 4 p.m., along with a portfolio of three relevant contributions to The Link. The letter must be posted on the wall of The Link office. Please email with any questions.

Eligible staff: Mark Di Franco, Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Erika Morris, Eric Beaudoin, Daren Zomerman, Elias Grigoriadis, Ireland Compton, Marissa Ramnanan, Penina Simon, Elisa Barbier.
One more contribution to be eligible: Aiden Locke, Ion Etxebarria, Olivier Cadotte, Elaine Genest, Victoria Lamas, Amely Coulombe.
Two more contributions to be eligible: Gabor Bata, Fatima Dia, Aysha White, Natalia Blasser, Shreya Biswas, James Betz-Gray, Ninon Scotto Di Uccio, Simon New, Jeffrey Muntu, Caisse Doubleday, Matt Garies, Jillian Reynolds, Shakti Langlois-Ortega, Sarah Jesmer, Samantha Stevens, Jeremie Gauthier-Caron, Evelyn Hansen-Gillis, Cailin Woodward.

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