The Link By-Election: Opinions Editor and Creative Director

The Link is looking for an opinions editor and creative director, and is running a by-election on Oct. 2 at 5 p.m. in our office.

If you want to apply drop off a letter explaining what you’ve got to bring to the team and attach three of your best Link articles for us on on the board in our main room, one week before the election at 4 p.m. on Sept. 18.

Opinions Editor

The opinions editor runs the opinions section for our website and magazine. You’ll run and train a team of contributors so they can write critically about local politics, what’s going on campus and more. You’ll also help lead our collection of columns, such as the People’s History column.

Creative Director

The creative director leads the visual design of the magazine, working in our visual team alongside our photo editor and graphics editor. You’re here to lay it out, make it pretty and experiment.

To be eligible contributors must have completed four assignments between June and September to four separate publishing weeks. For more information on eligibility please contact Miriam at

Who’s eligible to run: Miriam Lafontaine, Savannah Stewart, Elaine Genest, Alex Perez, Savanna Craig, Aysha White, Marissa Ramanan, Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Ireland Compton, Jon Milton, Victoria Lamas, Elisa Barbier, Aiden Locke, Olivier Cadotte, Daren Zomerman, Elias Grigoriadis, Erika Morris and Wala Amara.

Three contributions to be eligible: John Ngala, Louis Pringle, Youmna El Habibi, Penina Simon and Samuel Boafo.

Update: The Link was originally holding elections on Sept. 25. It has since been changed to Oct. 2.

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