Quaaludes Perform “The Honey Tree” Ahead of U.S. Tour

Sam and I were incredibly late.

It was almost eleven by the time we arrived at Quaaludes’ NDG jam space, located in an office suite. We walked in on four separate and very exasperated professional videographers, and one of the most excited group of young musicians in Montreal.

Part of a large Emo-revival taking hold in the DIY scene of Montreal, Quaaludes were brought together by childhood friends and Montreal natives Jon Nudell, Aaron Cohenca, and Joseph Therriault. Backed by local Emo/IDM DIY label Stack Your Roster, and friends within the scene aplenty, Quaaludes have made a name for themselves with jangly, twinkle-heavy guitar work and structures that wear influences like American Football and Lifetime on their sleeves.

It was almost midnight by the time Sam and I had hurriedly gotten all the sound equipment set up and ready. Two of the exasperated videographers had already left, in a most exasperated fashion. The remaining videographers, Sam, myself, and a still completely nonplussed band cracked a couple beers and recorded.

The following song is one of two tracks Quaaludes played for us that night, an early June date just before the band left for a three week tour of the U.S. The band is now back, fresh faced and glowing in the wake of their first tour, and the outlook is bright.

On return, Bassist Nudell brought The Link up to speed:

“Everyone’s been sensational and outgoing. I can’t thank people enough for all the help we’ve gotten in starting this band. It’s looking really good so far.”

Look out for Quaaludes playing all over Montreal regularly, and eventually on their next east coast tour.

Sacha Cohen
Harrison Goldberg

Zach Goldberg
Sam Jones

Video Editing:
Sacha Cohen
Jon Nudell

Sound Mixing:
Luc Sylvestre

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