Montreal’s Chinese Gardens of Light

  • Photo Julia Miele

Every Fall, Montreal’s Botanical Garden transforms their Chinese garden into a Garden of Light. Beautifully crafted paper lanterns of many shapes and colours are placed throughout the garden, telling the history of Chinese culture and folklore. Every year since 2001, the theme of the Garden of Light changes and with it so do the paper lanterns. This fall, the lanterns give a bit of insight into the myths surrounding Chinese New Year.

From Sept. 4 until Nov. 1, the garden is open every day from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Though visitors unavailable at night are welcome to visit during the day, it is highly encouraged to go see the lanterns during the nighttime as that is when they are actually lit, illuminating the garden in a spectacular way. Snacks and drinks are sold at the entryway of the Garden of Light, courtesy of the Chinese Garden Society, starting at 6 p.m.; moon cakes and hot tea to accompany you on your walk through the garden.

The ticket price for adults is $19.25. However, if you’re a student, the admission price is $14.25. The price is even lower if you’re a resident of Quebec – only $11.50. Just be sure to bring proof of this, like a student ID and the like. Of course, taxes are included in the prices that have just been listed, but keep in mind that the prices are subject to change. The event is free for children under the age of five if you’re interested in bringing along a youngster.

In buying a ticket for the Garden of Light, guests are also welcome to peruse the other outdoor gardens, the Insectarium, and the greenhouses which boast an interesting collection of different sorts of plant life. Basically, all of these other spaces are included in your ticket purchase.

It should be noted that a small part of the Chinese garden is under renovation, but it won’t interfere with your visit.

If you’re interested but you want more information on this event or about the creative minds behind it, check out the Botanical Garden’s website. If you’re an artist, musician, writer, or any other sort of creative person, this garden might even serve as a good source of inspiration.

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