Current Swell

Before hitting the stage at Divan Orange last Thursday, Victoria, B.C.’s Current Swell met up with us at Café Santropol for a little acoustic set.

They played a stripped-down version of “I Wanna Bird,” their soulful tune inspired by Taj Mahal’s “Corrina” filled with rich four-part vocal harmonies—a testament to the group’s chemistry.

“There’s nothing like singing with other people you feel connected to, it’s a really gelling thing,” said lead singer Scott Stanton.

“Some of it is technical, you know, what notes can we do together, and the rest is just putting your soul into it, and for us it’s so fun.”

The depth of their coastal country sound gives away the years the band has spent together honing their craft. The current lineup has been playing together for four years, but Stanton and guitarist Dave Lang have been writing together for seven.

Things started as they often do, a casual project for a simple shared love of playing.

“We didn’t know anything about being a band, we were just having fun writing songs together and it all just sort of happened, so that’s probably what the whole humble, seven-year start equates to,” said Lang.

They had been touring on and off since the addition of drummer Chris Peterson and bassist Ghosty, but after getting signed to Nettwerk Records, the pace has picked up this past year.

Now backed by a label, they’re looking to release their latest LP, Long Time Ago, wherever they can, starting with an Australian release, accompanied with some festival dates.

“The talk in the background, what might happen, is really exciting. We don’t get too worked up until it’s booked, but it’s fixin’ to be a big year,” said Lang.

“We’ve had two weekends off this summer, it’s funny to see what you work yourself into if you try really hard,” said Stanton.

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