Coordinating editor by-election Aug. 9: Who’s running and how to vote

The Link's Coordinating Editor by-election will take place Wednesday, Aug. 9 at 6 p.m. over Zoom. Here are your candidates.

Coordinating Editor
Anthony Issa
Ivan de Jacquelin

All are welcome to attend, but only staff members can vote. For any questions about your eligibility, please email

The candidates’ cover letters can be viewed here. Voters are encouraged to read these ahead of time.

Eligible to run and vote: Alexa Toguri-Laurin, Alice Martin, Anthony Issa, Aude Simon, Autumn Darey, Callista Mille, Cèdre Obeid, Conor Tomalty, Dallas Calvert, Diane Yeung, Dorothy Mombrun, India Das-Brown, Iness Rifay, Ivan de Jacquelin, Jaime Kerr, Jared Lackman-Mincoff, Kaitlin Gong, Liam Christin, Maria Cholakova, Mariana Chajon Oliveros, Marianne Liendo-Dufort, Marilou Brickert, Mohammad Khan, Myriam Ouazzani, Meiji Grace Estrada, Nadine Abdellatif, Olivia Integlia, Renee Kennedy Barnes, Sandra Mouafo, Sophie Dufresne, Valentine Alibert, Vincenzo Mercuri, Dana Hachwa, Hannah Vogan, Philippine D'Halleine, Panos Michalakopoulos, Pau Qureshi Klamburg, Matt Piscina, Louise Sauvard, Alexandra Nackley, Menel Rehab, Gabrielle Laperrière-Leblanc, Maya Gürler and Zachary Fortier.

One contribution needed: Jiawei Hong.

Two contributions needed: Menna Nayel and Blake Sagara.

Three contributions needed: Abby Cole, Alexandra Blackie and Chantal Marie Schromeda.

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