Bufflo/Blais, Babylon Shards, Big Dreams perform at La Vitrola

About four months ago, La Vitrola:

This was one of the most fun shows I’ve been a part of. The Link hadn’t booked a session in several months, and this was the first rap session we’d ever booked, plus our first full-on concert.

The first act, Bufflo/Blais, was a collaboration between Montreal artists Devin Bates (Bufflo) and Blais, reformatting several Justin Bieber tracks into some of the most beautiful, heart-breaking avant-pianist works I’ve heard. As far as I know, this was the first and only time this collab was done live, and it was truly a sight to behold. I would encourage everyone to see both of them, solo or collaborating.


Babylon Shards, a collaboration between Montreal natives Alex Rose (A.K.A. Jei Bandit), plus Montreal producer Vxnyl and London-based producer Jack Crosby (A.K.A. Death Tarot), killed it with a half DJ/half rap set. This was one of the first times Babylon hit the stage with rehearsed material, and I can surely say that they are an act to keep an eye on, because these dudes are going places.


The Link’s first live show closed out with Montreal heroes Big Dreams, a rap group based out of the West Island and made up of some of the most prolific young artists in the city right now. Formed by West Island childhood friends, Big Dreams blend driving, visceral raps with wavy, dreamy beats reminiscent of early Drake tracks. The band is a rising star in Montreal’s rap scene, and it was an absolute pleasure to bring them to the stage for The Link.


Videos by Evgenia Choros, Elysia-Marie Campbell, Brandon Johnston & Shaun Michaud
Edit by Brandon Johnston & Shaun Michaud
Sound by Sam Jones & Evan Stepanian
Produced by Zach Goldberg

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