5 Things Fantasia Film Festival Can Do Better

After five years of covering Fantasia Film Festival there are little things you notice. Next year marks its 20th anniversary: a milestone for festival organizers. Here are five things that would make the festival even better in 2016.

Fantasia App
The wonders of smartphone technology and apps today make event planning and organizing easier. Many festivals have their own apps that are free and easy to use. So for a well-funded, long-running festival with hundreds of films spanning a month like Fantasia, you’d think there’d be an app for that. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a listing of everything you plan on seeing organized at the palm of your hand instead of folding up paper schedules that look like relic parchments? Imagine swiping each film you plan to see, saved onto your calendar with alerts, notifications of added screenings and sold out shows? Alas, this was the dream in 2011, but as fans would tell you, it crashed. Dear Fantasia, please ask one of your fans to build it for you. Chances are one of them works in Montreal for an app software development company.

Ticket and Pass Barcode Scanners
If you see any of the hardworking volunteers at the doors running around like headless chickens, be kind to them. Again, Fantasia’s working with limited technology. Another way to make Fantasia efficient is if they just download a barcode generator app to print on their tickets and passes, have the volunteers download a free barcode scanning apps onto their smartphones to scan people in and out the door. Instead of relying on the scout’s honour system to determine if someone’s already been inside or is Artfully Dodging a packed show at the H building.

Better Deal for Unlimited Passes
If they had the chance, FFF fans would see at least a show or two everyday for a month. So a VIP wristband should be made available to these cinephiles. Again, in the past, wristbands were available, but due to high volume attendance at screenings it became unmanageable. But with, (ahem, suggestions, one and two from this humble reporter) you can’t go wrong. Seriously, 10 discount tickets just isn’t gonna cut it.

Limit VIP Entourage
Without naming names, there are certain cast members and directors in the past who have monopolized seats at premiers with their entourage and entire family clan, even though it’s a packed and sold out show. Indeed, Fantasia may roll out the red carpets for these big kahunas but surely one must put one’s audience first.

Better Merch
For diehard FFF fans, you know you want to show off your pride over the years of devotion. What better way than by getting a cool T-shirt. Well, apart from their magazine catalogue and posters, there really aren’t any exciting vendors to line up for. Other than the popcorn stands. Next year, maybe some laser pens, DVDs or sustainable cups commemorating FFF’s 20th anniversary?

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