Ocean DeRouchie

  • Montreal Web Series to Debut

    New Show Shooting the Moon Captures the Weird Side of Montreal

    As if your Summer watch-list wasn’t long enough, here’s one more to add to the much-watch pile. The good news: it’s coming out tomorrow. The bad news: it’s only an hour long, and will leave you wanting more.

  • A Feminist Universe: Celebrating 20 Years

    Studio XX Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary with Panel Discussion and Party

    Studio XX, a Montreal-based digital media art centre, provides a welcoming and safe space for artists to flourish under a feminist roof.

  • Spring Has Sprung

    Printemps Numérique Takes Montreal by Storm During Opening Launch Party

    Printemps Numérique—also known as Digital Spring—appropriately kicked off on March 21, marking the first day of multiple exhibits popping up around the city in the coming weeks.

  • Thoughts From the Spectrum

    One Writer’s Commentary on the Trivialization of Pan Sexuality and Beyond

    I have never felt pressured to label my sexuality. *

  • Nah’msayin?

    Concordia, Your Toilets are Crap

    If Concordia administration can hand out $235,000 to terminated employees as if money were no object, then why can’t they invest in some more maintenance staff to tidy up the bathrooms?

  • Review: The Binaries Between Us

    The Binaries Between Us ended on Sunday.

  • Dumpster Diving Culture

    Anti-Consumerism Week Highlights Dumpster Diving

    Canadians waste $31 billion-worth of food annually, one of the ways to reverse that trend is to go dumpster diving for your next meal.

  • Montreal, Untitled

    Articule Exhibition Explores Politics of Belonging

    Occupying the Articule gallery space until the end of Feb. 28, Sans titre, is a collaborative, multi-titled exhibition that projects this idea of belonging and isolation, which is relatable to the city’s inhabitants.

  • Annual March for Missing and Murdered Women in Montreal to Take Place on Valentine’s Day

    “It’s for all women,” emphasized Chantel Henderson, an organizer of this year’s seventh Annual Montreal Memorial March to Honour the Lives of Missing and Murdered Women.

  • Chomp Some Cheap Chow

    Canada’s Rising Food Prices Need to Chill

    I set out to find some solid alternatives to the major league grocery stores who are jacking up the prices. This ain’t gonna be your typical Sunday trip to the market—think of it more like a cheap food scavenger hunt that will send you all over the city.

  • Build Your Own

    Woodworking Workshop in a Montreal Makerspace

    Helios, a Montreal makerspace, offers woodworking workshops and a place for people to make their visions a reality.

  • A Chip Off The Old Block

    Woodcut Prints Featured in Fine Arts Vernissage in Montreal

    The Popop gallery featured the Off The Block vernissage organized by 19 Concordia fine arts students.

  • Fine Arts Marathon

    Montreal Artist Embarks on a Restless Challenge: Creating 100 Artworks a Week

    Montreal-based artist Aquil Virani challenged himself to create 100 pieces of art in seven sleep-deprived days.

  • A Walk in the Park

    Concordia Professor Publishes Portraits of Park-Goers

    Concordia professor and photojournalist Kate Hutchinson has resided near Jeanne-Mance park for 13 years, but only began photographing Montreal’s park regulars back in spring 2013. Now, Hutchinson is releasing the cumulative amalgamation of portraits of park goers in her work, entitled The Park.

  • Board to Death

    Local Vernissage Turns Broken Skate Decks into Visual Art

    “One time I just went up to Charles’ place and he was painting a board, and I was like ‘Yo, I wanna paint a board.’”

  • International Activist Layel Camargo Speaks at Concordia

    On Transformative Justice and Reform to Sexual Assault

    The Centre for Gender Advocacy invited Camargo, an international activist and educator, to the Hall Building of Concordia University last Thursday to speak about building transformative justice approaches towards sexual assault.