Lizy Mostowski

  • Write to the Death

    Round Two of Montreal’s Literary Death Match

    Though modern notions of political correctness and the primacy of human life have largely done away with gladiator-style fights to the death, ancient Roman notions of combat are being kept alive in Montreal next Tuesday.
  • Fringe Foodie

    A Not-So-Secret Garden

    The café was eclectically decorated and aesthetically interesting. The waiter seemed to have no problem with my friends and me sitting with coffees and laptops discussing work for an hour before ordering anything to eat.

  • Fringe Foodie

    Wine, Singing & Pad Thai, Where Else but Nantha’s?

    Nantha’s Kitchen is literally a little hole in the wall, tucked away on Duluth between Coloniale and De Buillon. The petite restaurant is sign-less but is uaually brimming with clientele, they even have a table for two out on the sidewalk.

  • Barmaid to Measure

    Author Maya Merrick Mixes Business With Pleasure

    Every aspiring writer is faced with the realization, at some point—usually in their twenties, but sometimes much later for the not-so-fleet of mind—that they will not be able to support themselves by their art alone.

  • You’ve Got Another Drink Coming

    Montreal has a reputation for being the home of drunken writers, and a place where literary events seem to perpetually cohabitate with the local bars.

  • ‘Not a False Moment’

    Playwright Linda Griffiths Teaches Storytelling at ConU

    Linda Griffiths is an established playwright and actor living in Toronto where she runs her own theatre company, Duchess Production.