Jordan Ruimy

  • An Overview of Le Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma

    Le Festival Du nouveau cinéma has been over the past decade, the best film fest in Montreal. Year after year, the organizers have practically outdone themselves in concocting a program that would satisfy the most fervent of cinema fans.

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    Cinema du Parc Celebrates Music

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
    Nietzsche said it first, but Let It Beat!, a cinematic retrospective that will unfold at Cinema du Parc, proves it.
    Without music, a film falls flat, and without film, songs would not have the cinematic richness that infuses their ideals and characterizations. Let’s face it—music and film need each other.

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    In a film fest that takes pride in its weirdness and originality, Bruce LaBruce’s L.A. Zombie might just take the prize for the strangest film. LaBruce’s film is a strange gay porn gorefest that will likely puzzle and frustrate many.

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    You can call it a film geek’s wet dream or you can call it movie overload.
    Le Festival Du Nouveau Cinema has been, over the past decade, the most progressive film festival in Montreal.

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    No End In Sight

    So much for the notion that the “Alberta dream” is a safe and reassuring one.

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    Cinema Politica is Back at Concordia

    Part of what makes Cinema Politica such an important and essential film series is that it will always take you to a world you’ve never been to before.