Jenny Leigh Dancer

  • Montreal, Stuff’d + Mounted

    Gail Scott’s The Obituary Exalts the City, Challenges the Reader

    Everything is alive in The Obituary, moving and shuffling and existing in the space Gail Scott creates. The novel, however, is not for everyone.

  • Montrealers Make It Big

    New Books by Kathleen Winter and Michael Harris Up for GG Awards

    Kathleen Winter’s Annabel, which is a finalist in the Fiction category for the 2010 Governor General’s Literary Awards, traces the story of a child named Wayne, born with an inherent identity crisis: it has both male and female anatomical parts.

  • Triplet Writ

    Smooth over what comes apart,
    smooth it over,
    and with gentle hands she does
    just that: one palm flat against
    her mouth, holding everything in.