Gabrielle Vendette

  • Fashion Show Review: A Pop-Up Shop Uniquely One & Only

    Dance Meets Fashion On An Evening Of Artistic Expression

    The choreography was held in front of the DJ booth, but later, one by one, the dancers walked, or rather danced, through the crowd on a designated path. Each dancer took their turn, spinning, jumping and kicking. It was an oddly intimate experience, seeing these dancers so up-close, compared to other runways that have their models on elevated platforms.

  • Artist Profile: Theo Charpentier Threads his Vision into his Work

    Local Clothing Designer Talks About his Brand, One & Only

    Local clothing designer and founder of his own brand, One &Only, Theo Charpentier tells us a little bit about the thought behind his designs.

  • Espace L: A Coworking Community for Women, by Women

    The Journey of Two Women to Create a Space Where They Belong

    Espace L is where anyone who identifies as female or non-binary can come find comfort and community in a space that is all their own, tailored to their needs and that believes in the power of a group of passionate women.