Fiona Maynard

  • Fringe Arts

    Mapping the Skin

    Ready to commit? A Montreal tattoo artist opens his doors to you.

  • Sports

    It’s Not A Sprint…

    They will change your mindset, plan your schedule, tell you what to consume, force you to exercise and decide when you should rest. No two are the same and each one is challenging. You can hate them for pushing you past your breaking point and forcing you to fight with yourself, but their tantalizing pull on your character will empower you to prove them wrong and take control. They are marathons.

  • Fringe Arts

    The Heartbreaking Tale of a Cheese Stealer

    How can I begin to describe The Cheese Stealer’s Handbook? The novella is everything from unique to heartbreaking and its ability to get under your skin is intense. The author uses his writing as a platform to confess every inch of his misfortunes and doesn’t hesitate to share explicit details.