Emily Carson-Apstein

  • Opinions

    So What Exactly Is Sustainability?

    The first major concern of those promoting sustainability is of the preconceptions surrounding this often very misunderstood concept. So, what is this fight actually about?

  • Fringe Arts

    Putting the Poe in Politics

    “Poetry is powerful because it is the succinct fusion of ideas and emotions, …so that the heart takes command of lungs, lips, teeth, and tongue, to speak through ears to the hearts and minds of the audience. Even in ink or pixel form, directed to readers’ eyes, nothing—NOTHING—is more powerful.”

  • Fringe Arts

    Softening The Borders

    Artist Vessna Perunovich has a lot of experience with borders. Having lived in Canada for the past 25 years, the artist fled her birthplace Yugoslavia, a country on the brink of civil war, during the 1980s. It’s fitting to say that the artist uses visual art and performance to explore her past and the world around her.

  • Fringe Arts

    The Stage Becomes a Laboratory

    From Nov. 6 to Nov. 9, the Cazalet Theatre at the Loyola Campus will be enveloped in a dramatic frenzy. Five student groups from Concordia’s theatre program will be putting on a weekend’s worth of shows interspersed with interactive gatherings and art installations.

  • Spreading Discordia

    If you walked past the Hive Café in the Hall building last Tuesday evening, you might have heard loud talk of sex, climate change or body positivity. You might have heard stomping, yelling, snapping or even a rousing chorus of “you rat bastard, you’re ruining it for everyone! But it was weeeell worth it!”