Chesline Pierre-Paul

Ches is an activist who's taken their global activism to corporate and the academy. They show organizations that it pays to be purpose-driven, that you don't have to choose between making big money or making a big difference in the world, and that you can go from DEI fatigue to DEI champion without sacrificing integrity for money or impact for profits. They help organizations effectively solve their DEI struggles and execute the best DEI strategies and initiatives by aligning DEI with sales, revenue, impact, and high performance. @cheslinepp

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    Editorial: You’re Not Decolonizing, Stop

    Decolonization is not about empowering disenfranchised Peoples into a level of survivorship that makes white supremacy content. It is about enforcing the most paradoxical level of joyfulness, bountifulness, and happiness for and by our Peoples in spaces where we are expected to die not survive, and survive not thrive.